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Can Farm Animals be Pets?

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Can Farm Animals be Pets?

People who are farmers have a lot of animals this is a normal thing of course. But do you know that there are people who are keeping all sorts of farm animals as regular pets? There are different animals that are good to be kept as pets.They are very kind and will always follow you no matter what. You would be surprised what wonderful pets they could be.Without a doubt that farms animals can be pets, but Before farm animal adoption, you should first get knowledge and experience of farm animal health,such as understanding the animals' physical and behaviour needs  

knowing how to provide the correct diet  and carrying out day-to-day husbandry tasks. Being able to recognize signs of injury and disease, knowing how to prevent these and get a better animal care

Here are some recommended farm animals that can be used as pets.

1. Ducks

Ducks are the easiest animals to raise. They are a great source for meat and large eggs.

They have a bigger appetite than chickens but are great foragers as well. You can get by with building them a small house and giving them a kiddie pool to swim in, and they will be extremely happy.

Ducks are great helpers around the garden. They do not scratch the ground like chickens so they are kind to your plants. They will eat your weak rooted plants and keep the bugs off of your healthy ones. 

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2. Goats

Goats are a magnificent animal to keep on your homestead.

They are great at clearing brush, a meat source, and also great for dairy. If you are looking for a dairy source but don’t have a lot of acreages a goat is the way to go.

Goats will feed on shrubbery and wood. They love hay, vegetables, and also store bought feed.

Some choose to leave their goats out to pasture. If your goats are in a smaller space it is good to give them a covered place to stay dry when it rains.

Goats are very susceptible to illness. When a goat has a stomach issue it can be a matter of life or death in only a few hours.It is important to worm them a few times a year. You can choose to use store-bought medication or feed them pumpkin or pine trees. If you notice they have a stomach problem start treating them immediately.

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Rabbits are great additions to any homestead. They are a great meat source, cost very little to feed, and take up very little space.

They can be fed store bought feed, fodder, extra veggies from the garden, weeds and grass clippings, and hay. Rabbits are also great for your garden because they produce some of the most amazing fertilizer.

Rabbits do usually require hutches. They can be built for very little cost or purchased. Some choose to let their rabbits free range in a bunny tractor for protection. You may also choose to raise your rabbits in a colony setting. Their housing obviously has many options that can cost as little or as much as you choose.

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