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Do you Believe the Animal Artificial Insemination Technique?

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Do you Believe the Animal Artificial Insemination Technique?

At present, the animal artificial insemination technique has also been developed rapidly with the improvement of science and technology.

Pig Artificial Insemination Semen Catheter

With the development of the livestock industry, many farms have started to raise all kind of livestock, such as pigs, cattle, sheep etc. Some big scale livestock farms appeared in many places, which supply many conveniences of living for local and nearby residents, and are improving people’s living standards.

The establishment of livestock farms requires a certain scientific knowledge, which provides the excellent growing environment for the breeding of various livestock and promote healthy and normal growth for livestock. Taking the pig farm as an example, the artificial insemination technique of pigs has much knowledge as well. If farmers do well, they can have more healthy piglets, which will pave the way for the future development of the pig farm.

Nowadays, pig artificial insemination technique is more and more widely used in many farms that raise pigs. And the technology is welcomed by many farmers. Why are pig artificial insemination techniques so hot? What are the advantages of artificial insemination technology of pigs?

Pig Artificial Insemination Semen Catheter

The main reason is that it effectively improves the utilization of good varieties, reduces the spread of disease, and overcomes the differences of time and region. The important is that it can save many manpower, material resources and financial resources to some extent. Therefore, animal artificial insemination technology development was spread especially fast.

animal artificial insemination technique

What is pig artificial insemination technique?

It refers to the method that is collect the semen of boar by pig artificial insemination semen catheter , those are qualified after passing the test. Then the dilution was dropped into it that is suitable for sperm survival. Then store it under the condition of specific temperature. When need it, the sperm will be put in the uterus of the sow and make it to be pregnancy. The pig artificial insemination technology saves the cost of raising boars and realizes long-distance breeding, which effectively reduces the cost of breeding. 

What aspects should be pay attention to during the whole process?

There are several key aspects for the pig artificial insemination technique, for example, the raising and management of the boars, the management of collecting sperm room and the technician, the laboratory management of semen dilution of boar, and the separation, storage and transportation of the boar semen and so on. Taking the raising and management of the boars as an example, the animal breeder needs to provide a good environment for growth of the pigs. They need to regularly clean the house of the pigs, train the pigs to eat, sleep and excrete, the trough should be cleaned at least once a week with a high pressure cleaner to keep the trough clean. They need to check the quality of the feed before feeding, if finding the moldy and degraded feedstuff , they should destroy them in order to keep the pigs health. These details have to be all strictly managed, the pig farms can get more healthy piglets.

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