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Do you Really Know the Artificial Insemination of Animals?

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Do you really know the Artificial Insemination of Animals?

There is much knowledge about the artificial insemination of animals which we do not know more. This article will introduce the correlative knowledge about the artificial insemination of animals and the necessary tool - artificial insemination disposable sponge catheter what will be used when people help the animal to complete artificial insemination.

Why do Animals use Artificial Insemination? 

Nowadays, many families like to keep pets, such as dogs, cats etc. Some kinds of pets are very expensive breeds. In order to get pure breed of pets, sometimes people will help pets to get pregnancy by artificial insemination. If you use live animals to let them mate together directly, you need to find suitable animals, even if you find the right animals from other places, you need to solve the problems of long distance and transportation, and it will take more cost and times, you still need special people to take care of the animal. Especially it is dangerous to move the animals from one place to another place. That is one of the reasons why people want to use artificial insemination to help animals to complete pregnancy.

For some professional large-scale farms, it is necessary to help animals to get pregnancy by artificial insemination. Many cattle like sheep, pig, cow and so on, they need to get pure and good breeds by artificial insemination. If only relying on the natural insemination of animals, it is not far enough. Therefore, the prospect of animal artificial insemination is very broad. 

Artificial Insemination of Animals

So what are the Advantages of Artificial Insemination of Animals?

For most livestock, artificial insemination of animals can not only prevent the spread of disease, but also solve the problem of breeding of long distance, and it can also protect varieties and expand reproduction for animals, which achieve the effect of better livestock varieties. 

Therefore, artificial insemination can promote the international market and trade of livestock. For excellent livestock, it can be introduced in the form of semen without introducing live animals directly from other places. In this way, many costs and time were saved, and it is convenient, which can effectively guarantee the health of animals. 

Usually the artificial insemination of animals needs to be operated by artificial insemination disposable sponge catheter. It is simple and more efficient. This technique of artificial insemination disposable sponge catheter supply many advantages for development of artificial insemination of animals.

Artificial Insemination of Animals

Disposable Sponge Catheter

Taking dogs as an example, the artificial breeding of dogs started relatively late in China, and there is still a big disparity with some foreign countries. That is mainly because we operated less experiment. Now the techniques of artificial insemination of pigs and cattle have been widely used, and there is a broad prospect for artificial insemination in dogs. Experts from the Animal Hospital of China from Agricultural College are working hard and studying to create an ecological ecosystem of artificial insemination for dogs. At the same time, they also expect more advantageous enterprises, institutions and individuals to join this ecosystem to promote the development of the industry together. 

For the animal breeding industry, artificial insemination disposable sponge catheters have been widely used and applied. 

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