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Do you like to drink Milk?

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Do you like to drink Milk?

The article analyzes the demand of the milk market, illustrating the necessity of the artificial fertilization of cows and the skills of animal artificial insemination.

1.Milk Market Analysis

In China, the consumption market of milk has just formed, and it is not mature. Immature main performances include: First, the purchasing ability is not strong. Second, people’s desire to buy milk is not very strong. In China's beverage market, people are more interested in buying mineral water, cold tea, Coca Cola, beer, carbonated drinks and even wine. Third, the proportion of drinkers is small and not widespread. Most Chinese people do not drink milk or drink less. At present, there are about 300 million people drinking milk every day or often among the 1.3 billion Chinese people. 


2.The Necessity of the Artificial Fertilization

1)Improve the breeding effect and utilization rate of good bulls. In the case of natural mating, one bull can only make one cow pregnancy at a time. Adopting artificial insemination technology, a single ejaculation can inseminate several to hundreds of cows. At the same time, the semen of more excellent bulls can be preserved and the number of excellent livestock can be increased. 

2) Save the feeding cost of bulls in the farm and eliminate the danger.

3) Semen transportation cost is lower than that of animal transport.

4) It is not limited by the life of bulls, and is beneficial to the preservation and  effective use of excellent variety resources.

5) It is not limited by the time and area, and can be circulated across countries and regions.

6) It can prevent the infection and transmission of genital infectious diseases and parasitic diseases (vibriosis, trichomoniasis)

7) Multiple insemination can be performed in one sexual cycle, which will increase the chance of pregnancy. At the same time, some cows with genital diseases such as vaginitis, cervicitis, and tight cervix can be fertilized by insemination, and it can improve the conception rate.

8) Has long-term cumulative benefits.

3.Cow Artificial Insemination Skills

1) Determine the time of insemination. If there is one or more of the following performances ,the cows can be inseminated: ①Mid-late period of cow estrus, which refers to that the cow receives the climb and stands still, about 6-8 hours before ovulation. ②Rectal examination, follicular development is mature, the bubble wall becomes thinner, the tension is enhanced to softness, and there is a feeling of breaking. ③The vulva is red and swollen, the mucus is transparent, and the outflow is rod-shaped. 

2)Choose to froze semen. The frozen semen is required to be derived from high quality bulls. Generally, slim tube (0.25 ml) is selected to froze semen. After thawing, the sperm motility is not less than 0.3, and the recovery rate of microscopic examination is not less than 50%. After thawing, the number of sperm in each dose is not less than 10 million, the sperm deformity rate is not higher than 20%, the sperm acrosome integrity rate is not less than 40%, and no pathogenic microorganisms.

Cow Artificial Insemination

3) Thaw semen and inspect semen quality. Immerse the slim tube frozen semen into a 40 ° C water for instant thawing.

Semen quality inspection method: First, place the microscope on the operation table, put the disinfected slides, and adjust the light. Before taking the frozen semen, pour 1 to 2 ml of the diluted solution into a previously sterilized vial and place into a water pot to warm to 40 °C. Second, use a sterilized glass rod to lick a little defrosted semen and do microscopic examination on microscope slides. The sperm activity after thawing should not be lower than 0.3, otherwise it should not be used. The semen that meets the standard is sucked into the insemination utensil and ready for insemination.

4) Determine the location and numbers of the inseminatio. It is generally required to insert the vas deferens into the deep cervical to inseminate, about 5 to 8 cm from the cervix.

5) Determine insemination method. Rectal grasping insemination method is always adopted. The artificial insemination technician must trim, polish, wash, disinfect their hands and wear latex gloves, apply lubricant before operation.


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