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How Should you Feed Cows?

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How Should you Feed Cows?

In life, we often see some daily dairy products, because these dairy products are not only high nutrition, but also very good taste, and milk is the milk industry's most important component of existence and development, and the whole body of the cow has a great role. So the dairy market is also growing more and more important. Cows also have a great reputation in this market today, but what are the key points to pay attention to when raising cows? Here is some information about  diary feeding on the farm.


 1. Farm cow feeding environment

The environment and environment of dairy cows are very important for breeding land. After all, there is a good environment for raising cows of good quality. Therefore, this point still needs special attention. Both humans and animals are very fond of sunlight. Therefore, when choosing the environment, choose some places that are facing the sun. This is also very good for the cow. The most important thing to pay attention to is not to choose where there is a road, because the road can not avoid vehicles. As long as the car honks, the cows will be frightened and their mood will be poor. At this time, the quality of milk from the cows is also much lower, so when raising cows, it is better to choose some suitable places for cows.

Whether it is humans or animals, they still need a lot of exercise in addition to eating and drinking every day. Otherwise, they will increase a lot of fat. If they are cows, the meat will not be elastic, and the cows will become undrinkable. Or even serious. Some cows are kept on the pillars every day, which not only restricts the activity of the cows, but also seriously hinders the growth and development of the cows. This can easily lead to dystocia, fetal clothing, etc., so it should be farmed in a fenced manner. This will allow cows to move in the field, which is also very beneficial to cows. Together with proper management, it will increase the metabolism of cows, increase appetite, maintain normal reproduction, and improve disease resistance.

 So we need to look for a larger area where cows can move freely.


 2. Farm cows feed

Cow feed is very important, nutrition can keep up, cows will grow healthy, so feed must be carefully selected, when feeding cows must be rich in nutrients, which is beneficial to cow health. And the quality of milk will also be very nutritious, so it is urgent to improve the quality of feed. In fact, according to the specific analysis of cows when raising cows, the physiological needs and health conditions of different dairy cows are also different, so reasonable selection only requires the most suitable feed for the cow body, and we must understand nutrition. Give the cow some other nutrients properly, can not provide nutritional feed indefinitely, after all, it is necessary to be moderate, and finally check the feed production date to prevent the cow from eating some spoiled food.

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