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How to Catch Squirrels?

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How to Catch Squirrels?

We all know that squirrels are intelligent animals, and they do not fall easily into the animal catch cage traps set by people. It takes a lot of preparation to catch a squirrel.

As the saying goes, knowing oneself knows him, every battle wins. It is only possible to catch squirrels if you know the environment and habits of squirrels.


1. Where do squirrels mainly stay?

The squirrel has a wide range of activities. It has its footprints on the trees and the ground. But actually squirrels prefer to stay in lush branches, thick trunks, easy to escape and tall trees, maybe they feel it more safely in the trees. Only by knowing where squirrels are often found can we better catch squirrels.

2.What are the habits of squirrels?

Because squirrels have particularly long ears and tails, they can adapt to live on the trees. They nest on dense branches and sometimes nest in tree holes. In addition to eating wild fruits, squirrels also eat twigs, young buds, leaves, and insects and bird eggs. In the dawn and evening, they will prey on the ground. And when squirrels get rich food in the fall, they will use tree holes or dig holes in the ground to store food such as fruits, and at the same time block the hole with mud or fallen leaves.

Squirrels are generally active during the day and are more active in the early morning. Its hearing and vision are good, and its sense of smell is very sensitive, especially for the same taste is particularly alert.

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3. Squirrel capture method and early preparation of animal capture

Entrapment cages are tools used by most hunters to capture squirrels. They are simple and effective. The recommended brand is Mice, which is very useful after personal testing. Place the trap cage in the area where the squirrel is usually active, and put bait in the cage. Here, it is recommended that a biscuit be coated with thick peanut butter, so that the scent can attract squirrels. To enhance the effect of the bait, you can choose to sprinkle some cookie crumbs on the mouth of the cage to attract them in, and then visit them regularly every day. The mousetrap is also a common hunting tool for capturing squirrels. It is simple and convenient to operate. Place the rat trap in the area where the squirrel is usually active and place some food in the trap as bait.

After the squirrel is captured, the trap cage and rat trap must be cleaned with alcohol, or the cage must be baked with fire, so that the squirrel smell on the cage can be used to continue catching mice. Otherwise, the squirrel's sensitive sense of smell can detect the crisis. You won't fall for it.

For places such as tree traps and rat traps that do not work, sticky rat plates can work. Use a thumbnail or nail to nail the rat board in the area where the squirrel is active, and then place a bit of bait in the middle of the rat board. If the squirrel is greedy or accidentally stepped on it, it will be caught.

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