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How to Prevent Animal Diseases?

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How to Prevent Animal Diseases?

Animal husbandry is an important part of the national economic structure. Strengthening the inspection and prevention of animal diseases is the key to ensuring the steady development of animal husbandry. Although many efforts have been taken to prevent animal diseases, there are still many problems existing.

The danger of spread of farm animal diseases

For the aquaculture area, there are many types of livestock and poultry, which is easy to cross infection and spread of the disease. In addition to the high density of breeding, once an epidemic occurs, it will spread and spread in a short period of time, which will bring difficulties to the prevention and treatment of the disease. As animal diseases are highly contagious, spread fast, and difficult to control, they may have a bad influence on human being’s health and increase the price of meat for the decrease of healthy animals.

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Problems faced by animal disease prevention

First, livestock and poultry products have high mobility and increased transmission channels for epidemics. Due to the increased mobility of livestock and poultry, the probability of occurrence of the disease is also increased to some extent.

Second, animal husbandry is facing the problem of blindly introducing exotic species and lack of anti-epidemic detection methods. In the process of livestock and poultry breeding, some farmers blindly pursue economic benefits and introduce a large number of new species from foreign countries or other regions. Due to the lack of sound anti-epidemic testing equipment, the diseases of these alien species are difficult to be diagnosed, and it is easy to cause infection during the later breeding process.

Another problem is abuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics have a good effect in the early treatment of animal diseases. However, due to the long-term and large-scale use of antibiotics, the disease-causing bacteria in animals have certain resistance, and the existing anti-seepage drugs are difficult to kill bacteria, which may lead to large-scale deaths in the entire farm.

Measures for the prevention and treatment of animal diseases

First of all, it is necessary to start with the specific equipment for disease prevention and control, and the grassroots level should also do a good job in disease prevention and control, do regular publicity, strengthen supervision and management, and promote prevention and control of disease.

Second, only scientific immunization procedures and a high degree of responsibility will keep animals healthy. In addition to this, combined with the usual feeding management, utensils, venues and drinking water should be disinfected regularly with disinfectant 3% ~ 5% of comer, 20% of bleaching powder, strong disinfection and so on.

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