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How to Properly Feed Cows?

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How to Properly Feed Cows?

If you are like many homesteaders, you may dream of one day owning your own cows to peacefully graze your pasture, providing you and your family with fresh milk, butter, cream, yogurt and cheeses. With the ever-rising price of dairy, owning your own cow can seem like a really bright idea. Here we are describing more about some aspects of caring for dairy cows. However, you need to setup everything (shelter, feeding and watering areas, fences etc.) before bringing your fist cow or herd of cows.


Quality Cow Feeding

Feeding quality food to your cows is the first and also the most important part of caring for cows. In order to keep your cows healthy and productive, you must have to feed them adequate and quality food. Grain, silage and hay are the common food for cows. And the cows also need a lot of green feeds for maximizing milk production. 

Along with quality feeding, you also have to ensure, your cows are getting constant access to clean water. Actually dairy cows require more water and they should never go without water (especially when they are being raised for milk).

In case of raising your dairy cows on pasture, you must have to ensure the pasture is fresh and safe for the cows. You also need to switch paddocks on a regular basis if your cows are on a rotational grazing schedule. You can switch their paddocks daily, or at least as many times per week as necessary. 

Also ensure your cows are getting a formulated ration which are high in calcium, energy, protein and also phosphorus. Doing this will help to keep your animals in good health, and also help to produce very high quality milk. You also need to allow your cows free access to loose mineral. 


Another important thing you need to know here is that you need acreage to allow cows to roam and graze. Your cows will need the right housing as well as protective fencing. Cows need a sufficient supply of water and straw for keeping dry. Ensure that you are adequately prepared before you get going.

Keep the living place of your cows as clean and fresh as possible, and this is also a very important part. You have to clean the feeding, staying and milking area daily. Replace dirt bedding that has been soiled from manure with clean bedding. You must have to keep the place clean for avoiding introduction of mastitis in your cows herd.


Vaccinations and De-worming/De-Licing

You must have to vaccinate your cows timely for maintaining a good herd health program. You also have to keep up-to-date with de-worming and de-licing programs. You can contact a vet in your area for certain vaccinations, de-worming and de-licing products that are best for your herd and easily available in your area. 

Summarily, quality feeding and housing are very important of caring for cows. You also need to maintain a good herd health program for keeping your animals healthy. Check them on a regular basis for any sign of sickness or illness. 

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