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How to Protect the Cow Stomach?

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How to Protect the Cow Stomach?

Cow is a very familiar animal in our lives, providing us with delicious milk products, nutritious and delicious beef. However, when breeding cows, some diseases often appear in their stomachs.

1. Common cow stomach disease

Gastrointestinal diseases in cow breeding mainly include esophagus infarction, anterior gastric flaccidity, rumen hernia (commonly known as swollen belly), rumen food accumulation, traumatic net gastritis, valvular obstruction, gastroenteritis and pericarditis.


2.The symptoms of cow stomach diseases and corresponding Cow Stomach Protection

1)esophagus infarction

Causes and symptoms:It is that the esophageal cavity is blocked by swallowing a large blocky feed, such as carrots, sweet potato roots or unbroken and soaked cake feed. Usually at this time, they will suddenly stop appetite, straighten the head and neck, slaver, cough, and constantly chew but unable to swallow, shake their head, be panic and anxiety. It can usually be divided into two cases: the front of the esophagus and the esophagus of the chest. The anterior esophageal obstruction can be felt on the neck side, while the chest blockage can be diagnosed from the fluctuation of the esophagus with saliva.

Cow stomach treatment: It is mainly to discharge the esophageal obstruction in time to make it smooth. This includes: removing the obstruction from the mouth (pressing the obstruction to the mouth and then taking the feed from the mouth). Infusion method: The chest esophageal obstruction is pushed down into the stomach with an esophageal probe. Pumping method: insert the gastric catheter into the esophagus and then inhale or insert it slowly to achieve the purpose of pushing the obstruction. Forced exercise method: the cow's head and the forelimb are tied together, then the cow is forced to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes, and then the movement of the neck muscle will make the obstruction to enter the rumen.

Prevention: It is mainly to standardize the feed processing, the blocky feed processing reaches a certain degree of fragmentation can eradicate the disease.

2)Anterior gastric flaccid

Causes and symptoms: long-term large-scale feeding of hard and indigestible feed; overeating thick, inferior, mildew and bad residue feed; lack of exercise, lack of vitamins and minerals; secondary to rumen food accumulation, hernia, traumatic net gastritis, etc. Initial stage: loss of appetite, weak or lost stomach, reduced number of ruminating,intermittent swelling. In the later stage, black stools and dry blocks are discharged, and there are mucus, malodor, and sometimes dry and dilute, which alternately occurs, showing symptoms of acidosis. Most of the cows those have been ill for a long time are converted to enteritis and discharge brown stools.

Treatment: For the discharge of the stomach deposits, use laxative decoction such as sodium sulfate, alcohol, fish fat or soybean oil 1000 ml. In order to strengthen the anterior gastric peristalsis, potassium tartarate and sylvestre can be spit, rumen massage and traction can be combined. When the symptoms of acidosis are present, grapevine salt water, sodium bicarbonate, and anagarite can be used.

3) Rumen hernia (commonly known as swelling)

It is mainly caused by cows eating a large amount of easily fermented feed, which causes a large amount of gas to be produced, and the hernia is blocked, causing a sharp over-expansion of the rumen.

Causes and symptoms: The primary is mainly due to the intake of a large number of easily fermented feeds, such as: the first grazing in the early spring or feeding a large number of tender and succulent pastures, especially legumes, or eating corrupted feed. Generally occurs esophagus, flaccid and occluded, gastric ulcer and torsion, traumatic net gastritis. Generally, falling ill rapidly, the abdominal circumference is rapidly increased, the left axilla is the most obvious, and the percussion is drum sound. The auscultation of the rumen is enhanced in the early stage, and then weakens or even disappears.

Treatment: mainly to discharge rumen gas and stop fermentation, combined with systemic therapy such as infusion. When the disease is light, the cow can be brought to the slope of the front high and back low, and the head of the cow is raised to induce the hernia by hand and massage the rumen with the fist. When the disease is heavy, the rumen puncture and deflation can be performed, and the deflation begins slowly to prevent the occurrence of cerebral anemia. The cardiotonic drug can be injected before surgery. The deproteinized drug can be taken orally 0.5 hours after deflation. Such as: fish fat, alcohol, castor oil, fennel oil, can be used in concentrated saline, intravenous Anana, exciting the gastrointestinal function.


4) Traumatic net gastritis

It is caused by swallowing sharp objects While intaking the feed, such as: wire head, nails (needle), etc., stabbing the net stomach and causing net gastritis.

Causes and symptoms: eating too fast, chewing is not enough, foreign matter swallowed with the feed, sinking into the stomach, causing damage to the stomach wall. When the cow is giving birth in the late pregnancy, the rumen is inflated, the abdominal pressure is increased, etc., so that the foreign matter stabs, penetrates the stomach wall, and causes pericarditis through the pericardium. Before the foreign matter has not stabbed the stomach wall, no symptoms appear in the clinic. The symptoms appear suddenly after the stab wound, the appetite and ruminating frequency decrease, the milk production suddenly drops, and the rumen creep is weak or disappears. The spirit is highly depressed, the sick cows are standing still, the elbow muscles are shuddering, and when they are lying down, they are very careful and licking and grinding their teeth. There is obvious pain in the stomach area of the palpation net, and the sick cows dodge. When walking on a slope, the uphill is fast and the downhill is careful. When the foreign matter penetrates the net stomach for 2 to 3 days, the body temperature rises to 40 ° C, the dung is dry, the amount is small and black, the surface has mucus, and sometimes occult blood is found. Shortness of breath, rapid pulse, full body shudder, weight loss quickly.

Treatment: Mainly for prevention, there is no effective drug treatment. It is possible to put a Cow Stomach Large Magnets into the stomach at the age of 6 months after the cattle is born, and it can take foreign objects out when appropriate. In the case of "white pollution", plastic products (such as nylon ropes, films, woven bags, etc.) should be included in the prevention of foreign bodies. At present, the damage caused by it is quite serious.


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