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How to Raise Ducks?

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How to Raise Ducks?

 In recent years, the breeding industry has been well received by people. There are many animals that can be farmed. Duck breeding is one of the simplest choices among them. However, if you don’t have any farming experience, you can quickly learn from this method. 

1.  Buy healthy ducklings

Choosing high-quality ducklings is a key step for future breeding. Therefore, ducklings should be ordered in regular and large-scale farms. When choosing ducklings, you should pay attention to their health status and color of their feather.

After the ducklings are selected, the number of purchases is determined according to the scale of the breeding. Adult ducks should better be farmed from 4 to 5 per square meter. You can decide your ordering amount according to this ratio. There shouldn’t be too many ducks crowding in each duck house. If ducks don’t have enough space to move, it may breed various germs, which will lead to the death of ducks. 

duck breeding

2. Feeding methods

  Beside the density of breeding, you need to pay attention to feeding methods, too. There are two aspects: feeding at the right time, and feeding at different growing stages.

First, ducks often have a loss of appetite in hot weather. So it’s better to feed them in the morning or at night to avoid the high temperature. Otherwise, the ducks will gradually lose weight over time.

Secondly, different feeding should be done at different stages of growth. Compared to other animals, ducks are omnivores, that is, they can eat anything. But during duck seedlings, we must use special feed to ensure healthy growth of them. As they growing up, we can add some leaves to their feed, which will help the ducks become healthier. 

3. Proper activities

   After 4 weeks of duckling breeding, they are no longer suitable for staying in the house all day. To reduce the possibility of disease, ducks can be grazed in the pond or lawn nearby every morning. Grazing is a way to improve their health. You don’t have to worry much about wild foraging just by feeding them appropriately in the morning in advanced. But remember to feed more at night to keep them full.

duck breeding

4. Sanitary and epidemic prevention

  The duck house should be cleaned frequently. The manure of the duck house should be cleaned every day. The duck's feces contain a lot of nitrogen. If it is not cleaned up in time, the ducks will easily get sick in such a environment. Also regular disinfection of the trough and sink in the duck house is needed every 15 to 20 days. As for the ducks, they’ need to be vaccinated at different stages in order to prevent specific disease. 

These are some useful instruction and advice for you in duck breeding. Follow these rules and you can success. If you want to learn something about animal care or agricultural knowledge, I hope these can help.


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