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Is Cattle Breeding Technology Good?

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Is Cattle Breeding Technology Good?

Do you usually drink milk? The quality of life of contemporary people is getting higher and higher, so more attention is paid to the quality of milk. As everyone knows, milk is a nutritional drink, which has good health and medical value, promotes digestion and absorption, and even can beautify the face. Facing the milk with treasure all over, do you care about its quality when you choose and buy it? I think it's normal. If you want to drink high-quality milk, you must squeeze it from high-quality cows; if you want high-quality cows, you must have superb Cattle breeding technology. Today we are going to talk about how to improve the quality of dairy cows.

Cattle Breeding Technology

The Necessity of Mastering Dairy Cattle Breeding Technology

Why should we master Cattle Breeding Technology? Mastery of Cattle Breeding Technology will improve the quality of the dairy cows raised. In this way, not only customers can drink high-quality safe and reassuring milk, but also the sales of dairy operators will continue to rise. This is a virtuous circle.

Cautions for Dairy Cattle Feeding Daily Management

It is the basic condition for high quality dairy cows to select good breeds. We should pay attention to scientific feeding, for example, to improve the variety of feed, pay attention to the nutritional balance of feed, and properly increase the minerals and vitamins needed. It is also necessary to prolong the dry milk period, milking time, adequate feeding time and drinking time, ensure the active area of dairy cows, do a good job in disease prevention and control, pay attention to winter feeding and management, the most important thing is to use high-quality cow stomach magnet.

Effect of Cattle Stomach Magnet on Dairy Cows

Cattle stomach magnet is helpful to develop the productive potential of dairy cows, improve the production performance of dairy cows, and improve the economic benefits of raising dairy cows.

Cattle stomach magnet can also improve the fecundity of dairy cows, and cow health directly affects the fecundity. When cows suffer from reproductive diseases, such as uterine and ovarian diseases, the pregnancy rate is often affected. Healthy breeding of dairy cows can reduce the occurrence of reproductive diseases, thereby improving the reproductive capacity of dairy cows. Cattle stomach magnet can prolong the utilization life of high-yield dairy cows. After healthy breeding, the production performance of high-yield dairy cows is improved and the utilization life is long. To ensure the safety of dairy cow products, some infectious diseases of cattle are zoonotic. Therefore, maintaining the health of high-yielding dairy cows is of great significance for ensuring the hygiene and safety of milk and beef products, producing pollution-free food and protecting the health of consumers. Improve feed utilization rate and reduce environmental pollution.

cow magnet

Explanation of Cattle Stomach Magnet

Put the Cattle stomach magnet in the rumen, can eliminate nails adsorbing cow stomach, wire and other iron materials.With rumen motility, magnetic cage irregular movement in the rumen, can completely adsorbed the iron materials pierced the wall of the stomach and stored in the magnetic cage and slowly dissolve.

Function of Cattle Stomach Magnet on Dairy Cows

1. No more Rumen Damage

2. It can effectively prevent bovine traumatic retinitis, pericarditis and other diseases.

3. Enhance the appetite of dairy cows, enhance the immunity of cows, improve the quality of dairy cows, and improve the milk production of dairy cows.

Application of Cattle Stomach Magnet to Dairy Cows

Fix the mouth of the ox with a mouth plug, wrap the magnetic cage around the stomach tube. The magnetic cage slowly pushes the stomach. Pour a small amount of warm water when necessary to help smooth the stomach.

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