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Some Information about Animal Husbandry

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Some Information about Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry, it is to point to by artificial breeding livestock and poultry, etc have been we humans domesticated animals, or deer, musk deer, fox, mink, otter, quail and other wild animal physiology, by artificial breeding, breeding, the forage grass and fodder plants can be transformed into animals, such as for meat, eggs, milk, wool, cashmere, hides, silk and medicinal herbs and other animal products production process. It is a very important link between man and nature. 


Development of animal husbandry is the condition of suitable natural conditions, namely, light, heat, water, soil is suitable for all kinds of the growth and development of forage and livestock, and type of pasture area is larger, better quality, more; There is a certain material basis, namely the production potential is very big, can make investment less, the result is quick, the income is high; The vast majority of farmers have experience and skills in livestock production. There are many types of animal husbandry, which are made up of feed, animal, and business. It can be divided into pastoral husbandry, farming area and suburban animal husbandry. 

The dairy industry, the breeding of horses and the raising of donkeys, etc. To give priority to the food. The rest of the time was raised in the barn, except for a short crop of grazing after harvest. The proportion of feed expenses is higher. It usually accounts for over 65% of the animal husbandry fee. To make full use of the farming and pastoral integration, the management is more detailed and the production level is higher. 


Animal husbandry plays an important role in the national economy, mainly providing meat, milk, eggs and other animal products. Provide the industry with raw materials such as wool, cashmere, skin, mane, animal bone and casing. Obtain foreign exchange through the export of animal products. To promote the development of industry of animal husbandry and animal products and industry, and increase employment opportunities. Provide organic fertilizer for crop production. Increase farmers' incomes. Provide animal force for agriculture and transportation. Promote economic and cultural development in the pastoral areas and strengthen unity among the peoples. Mutton sheep breeding In the early stages of economic development, animal husbandry often manifests itself in the sideline of crop production, the so-called "backyard farming". 

As the economy develops, it gradually becomes a relatively independent industry in some sectors, such as egg chicken, chicken, dairy, beef, pig farming, etc. China's animal husbandry after 40 years of development, the animal husbandry output value accounted for the proportion of agricultural output calculated at current prices have reached 26.6%. With the emergence of relatively independent animal husbandry industry, began to differentiate into a strong industrial sector, is to serve the animal husbandry and production of various kinds of animal husbandry in industry, such as machinery, equipment, veterinary medicine, feed production, as well as a variety of animal husbandry products processing industry, such as meat processing, dairy processing industry, etc. Therefore, it is of great importance to improve the people's livelihood, promote economic development, increase export materials and enhance national unity. 

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