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Some Information about Animal artificial insemination

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Some Information about Animal artificial insemination

Artificial insemination technique is one of the major achievements of modern livestock science and technology. What are the advantages and precautions of animal artificial insemination for sheep, pigs and rabbits?

1. Advantages of Artificial Insemination of Sheep: 

There are four advantages of artificial insemination of sheep. First, the utilization rate of the rams is greatly improved. It can reduce the number of breeding rams, the feeding cost and the purchase cost of the excellent rams, and the quality of sheep can be rapidly improved. Second, the ram's semen can be easily transported, and it can be transplanted in different places. It can quickly expand the breeding range of excellent rams and improve the promotion of fine varieties. Third, before the artificial insemination, the semen quality of the ram has been strictly tested to ensure and improve the conception rate of the ewes. Fourth, artificial insemination avoids direct contact between rams and ewes, which prevents cross-infection and spread of some diseases.

2.Precautions of Pig Artificial Insemination?

1) There are 2-3 times semen collection per week on adult boars under normal conditions. If the boar is first collected semen or not collected for a long time, the semen collected for the first time should be discarded.

2) Sows are multi-cycle estrus livestock, with an average of 21 days of estrus. They can be continually estrus breeding, generally their ovulation occurs in 24-48 hours after the estrus, the appropriate time for insemination is 2-3 hours before the ovulation of the sow. 

3) It need to inseminate once again in 12-24 hours after the first insemination, so that the sows in the ovulation stage always have energetic sperm waiting for the arrival of the ovum in the fertilization site. In the breeding of commercial pigs, two different varieties of boar semen are used for insemination, which can improve the conception rate of the sows, the birth rate and the vitality of the offspring.

4) Each time the amount of inputting sperm is generally not less than 40-50 ml, the number of sperm contained in each insemination should be 5-10 billion. Inputting a sufficient amount of semen not only guarantees the pregnancy of the sow, but also contributes to the survival of the embryo.

5) Before the insemination, inject 800 units of chorionic gonadotropin into the sow to promote ovulation of the sow.

6) Careful operation should be carried out during the insemination process. First, we must eliminate the factors that are not conducive to sperm survival. The insemination utensils should be disinfected with alcohol and need to be evaporated dry and then used; Disinfected with other disinfectants also need to wait for evaporation. We should wash the foreskin and glans of the boar before the semen collection, and the operating environment should be clean and hygienic, the air is good, and people should not smoke during the semen collection and insemination. The temperature of semen collection utensil should be the same as the temperature of the semen. Second, we must be proficient in operation. The conical vas deferens should be inserted into the second corrugated wall of the cervix; the inflated vas deferens must be placed in the external cervix to inseminate. At the same time of insemination, pinch the clitoris of the sow gently with rhythm, and the sow's waist is pinched by hand. Do not feed the sow immediately after insemination.

pig artificial insemination

3. Rabbit Artificial Insemination Technology Operation Process

Rabbit artificial insemination technology is the most economical and scientific method in the breeding and improvement work of rabbits such as meat rabbits, rex rabbits and long-haired rabbits.

In the early autumn, the recovery of the female rabbit's condition is not good, and the male rabbit lacks sexual desire. It is even more important to master this practical technique.

1) Two days before fertilization, the female rabbits to be bred are given 1 ml aphrodisiac with intramuscular injection. The drug does not contain hormones and has no side effects on rabbits.

2) After the injection of ovulation, start taking sperm, microscopic examination, dilution, insemination!

rabbit artificial insemination

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