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Some Methods of Rabbit Breeding

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Some Methods of Rabbit Breeding

How to feed rabbits, different people have different methods. Find the correct method of rabbit breeding, it is not so difficult to raise.

1.Some Methods of Rabbit Breeding

1) Breeding management of male rabbit

①Feeding in single cage. Male rabbits must be kept in a single cage and as far as possible from the female rabbit to ensure that they can rest quietly.

②Mix the feed well. The protein and vitamin in the feed should be higher before or during breeding period. At the same time, it should be mixed with other nutrients. But at the resting period, it can lower the standard and prevent the rabbit from being over-fertilized.

③Strengthen the exercise. Remember to let the male rabbits exercise 1-2 times outside the house every week, and regularly let the male rabbits sunbathe.

④Control the number of breeding. Strong male rabbits can breed once a day for three days in a row and stopped for one day; general male rabbits can breed once every other day.

2) Breeding management of female rabbits

①Non-pregnancy management. The female rabbit is mainly fed with green roughage during the non-pregnancy period, and the concentrate should be fed less to prevent the female rabbits from becoming too fat.

②Pregnancy management. From the fifth day of pregnancy, the female rabbit should be fed with high-protein feeds such as soybean cake, fish meal, etc., and the appropriate amount of salt should be added. Appropriate reduction of concentrates 3 days before childbirth, and more high-quality green feed is needed. 

③Lactation management. The lactation time of female rabbits are within 30 days after birth. The crude protein content in the feed of lactating rabbits should reach 17%, and can add the concentrates such as bean cake and corn flour. Feed the high-quality green and juicy feed and enough clean drinking water for female rabbits to ensure the health of female rabbits and enough milk to support small rabbits.


3) Breeding management of baby rabbits

①Sleep management

The sleep period of baby rabbits is the period from born to the 12th day, the temperature in the rabbit nest should be maintained at 28-30 degrees in this period. The litter box for baby rabbits should be tight to prevent the baby rabbit from being harmed by outside.

②Management after baby rabbits opening eyes

Generally, baby rabbits open their eyes after 12 days of birth, and leave the nests in about 15 days. They can start feeding in 18 days. The feed should be rich in nutritious and easy to digest, such as soy milk, tofu, carrots, fresh grass and green vegetables. The green feed should be cleaned before feeding, the surface moisture should be dried and then cut into filaments to feed the baby rabbits. After 3-5 days fed with greening feed, the bran, cornmeal, bean cake, etc. are gradually added, but these feeds must be boiled in boiling water and then fed to the rabbits, additives and antibiotics should be added to the feed to prevent diseases.

2. Precautions for Rabbits Breeding

①Do not lick its ears, or it will not be able to stand up later.

②Except the leaves of the vegetables, you should also feed steamed bread, apples, etc.

③Give wood and let it bite. Because its teeth are long, it is necessary to grind its teeth.

④Feed it water.

⑤When it lose hair, combing hair for it, don't let it eat.

⑥Do not close the cage.

⑦Rabbits can live for 10-15 years.

⑧The leaves of vegetables should be washed clean. Make sure the leaves are clean and waterless.

3. Taboos for Breeding Rabbits

①Avoid moisture and pollution. Rex rabbits love dry environment and have weak disease resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to clean rabbit cages regularly, clean up the feces, wash the feeding utensils, and disinfect them regularly. The rabbits cage should always be kept clean and dry, so that the pathogenic microorganisms cannot reproduce and parasitize. It can prevent rabbit disease.

②Avoid disturbing. Rex rabbits are timid and sensitive, do not easily catch it or make loud noise. Prohibit people from watching, maintain a quiet environment. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the infestation of cats, dogs, yellow squirrels and snakes.

③Avoid hot. Sweat glands of rex rabbits are not advanced, and their whole body is covered with fluff. Therefore, in summer, the rabbit house should be shaded and ventilated to prevent direct sunlight, pay attention to temperature and heatstroke prevention.

④Avoid single feed. Single feed can not meet the nutritional needs of Rex rabbits. It will affect appetite, and even cause nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, the feed should include a variety of rations.

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