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Some Misunderstanding of Cow Breeding

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Some Misunderstanding of Cow Breeding

The cows are cultivated from yellow cattle in long-term breeding. The milk produced is nutritious and useful in dairy products. Their economic benefits are higher than ordinary beef cattle breeding.

However, many farmers are caught in many misunderstandings, often resulting in poor income. The following is a detailed explanation of these major misunderstandings during cow breeding. 

1. Don’t rush to breed and milk

In order to make profits as soon as possible, many farmers often breed and milk early before their cows are 18 months old. This behavior often leads to dystocia of the cows, even serious premature aging of the cows.

The correct breeding age should be about 18 months, that is, one and a half years. At that time, their weight should reach around 400kg to start breeding, in order to keep good health of the calf.

We also have to pay attention to milking time. Cows can start to produce milk when they are about 300-day-old. Many farmers instantly start milking them, which will lead to high nutritional consumption of dairy cows. In this way, these cows can become difficult to get pregnant afterwards with low quality and production of milk.

Make sure milking at the proper period and leaving time for dry period to recover their strength and nutrition.


2.  Keep your breeding environment clean

In fact, cows are very sensitive to the environment. If you don’t wipe the cattle for a long time, it will directly affects its health as well as milk production and milk quality. In addition, it’s bad for cows to live in a dirty, stuffy, humid and dark environment for a long time. Clean and intact water bowls and feed trough are also needed. Animal care must be carefully done to maintain their health.

 3. Proper feeding

In order to reduce the cost, many farmers often use the traditional feeding mode, feeding without silage or concentrates. It will cause the lack a lot of nutrients, leading to nutritional disorders and many other situations. On the contrary, Large-scale farmers often use too much concentrates to speed up the growth of cows for convenience. This may lead to overnutrition and a lot of metabolic diseases. So farmers should pay attention to nutritional balance when feed your cows. 

cow breeding

4. Don’t holding them for too long

When farming in rural areas, many farmers often use traditional farming methods. In order to make less effort, the cows are always tied to wooden piles through the whole year, which limits the activity space of the them.

This can easily lead to the dystocia of the cows and the health problem. Their estrus will also become hard to observe. 

In dairy cows farming, certain amount of exercise is necessary to be given to promote the metabolism of the cows, and to increase the feed intake. Proper activities can improve immunity and disease resistance, also maintain the normal breeding ability of the cows.

These above are some of the most common mistakes in cow breeding. I hope these can help the people who are breeding or want to learn more about agricultural knowledge.

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