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The Significance of Artificial Insemination for Pigs

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The Significance of Artificial Insemination for Pigs

  Pig artificial insemination technology is one of the most economical and effective technical measures for pig production, and it is also the simplest and most effective method for the breeding of breeding pigs and the production of commercial pigs. As an important means of scientific pig raising and modernization of pig production, it can effectively increase the utilization efficiency of excellent boars. The following content will introduce the benefits and significance of artificial insemination of pigs:


1. Improve the utilization rate of fine varieties, promote variety improvement and improve the quality and uniformity of commercial pigs.

  Using artificial insemination technology, a boar can carry the breeding task of 300 to 500 sows, which is 10 to 20 times that of natural mating, and more than 10,000 breeding piglets. For artificial insemination technology, excellent boar quality genes can be quickly promoted, and the breeding strains of breeders and the performance of commercial pigs can be improved. At the same time, the poor boars are eliminated to reduce the overall feeding amount, thereby reducing the cost of raising pigs to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency.

2. Overcome differences in body size and make full use of heterosis.

  In the case of natural mating, the two factors of physical difference and pig preference bring difficulties in mating. The conservation of excellent boars, the improvement of breeding quality and the cultivation of fattening performance, the high lean meat rate and the excellent quality of the commercial pigs, especially the export pigs, are affected by these two factors to some extent. With artificial insemination technology, as long as the sow's estrus is stable, it can overcome the above difficulties, and timely breeding according to the needs, which is conducive to the full play of the heterosis of high-quality breeding pigs.


3. Reduce the spread of disease.

  In the process of artificial insemination of pigs, the health of the tested male sows should first be selected, and then the pollution in the process of semen collection and semen treatment should be reduced in strict accordance with the operating procedures, thereby reducing some diseases, especially reproductive tract diseases. The spread of sows will eventually increase the conception rate and litter size of the sow. During the collection of boar semen, additional vaccination tests will be conducted to check for diseases transmitted through semen, such as foot and mouth disease, African swine fever, and swine vesicular disease. Through strict inspection, we can avoid the spread of these diseases. The father's health, if the mother also carries out the proper safety and epidemic prevention, and improve the immunity of various diseases, the resistance and immunity of the sow's litter can also be improved accordingly. Moreover, the piglets produced by artificial insemination are relatively strong in physical fitness and have good disease resistance, so the survival rate is relatively high.

4. Overcome differences in time and area, timely breeding

  The use of artificial insemination can solve the problem of sow estrus but no boar can be used, and does not need to introduce boars, just buy semen (or frozen essence), process and save for a certain period of time, you can always infuse the estrus sows. breeding. Such semen (or frozen essence) is convenient to carry, economical, and can ensure quality and timely breeding, and promote the social and economic benefits of the pig industry.

5. Save manpower, material resources, financial resources and improve economic efficiency

  Compared with natural mating, the number of breeding boars is relatively reduced, saving part of the labor, feed, housing and funds, and improving the overall economic benefits.

  The artificial precision of pigs has improved our economic efficiency, but in the process, we also need to choose the safe and appropriate artificial insemination semen catheter for pigs!

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