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What Happens If a Cow Eats Metal?

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What Happens If a Cow Eats Metal?

When cattle feed on forage, they often swallow a large mouthful  of it and send the grass directly into the rumen without full chewing. So it is particularly easy to eat metal foreign bodies such as wire and nail by mistake. Because most of these things are sharper, they are difficult to follow the grass when ruminating, and they will stay in the rumen for a long time, probably penetrating the stomach wall and piercing the heart during gastrointestinal peristalsis, which in turn will cause traumatic pericarditis in cattle. In serious cases, cattle may die. In the past, almost every household in rural areas raised cattle, and the feeding conditions were more bad. It was not uncommon for metal foreign bodies such as wire and nails to be eaten by mistake. Therefore, there is a class of people to take bovine stomach iron But as the number of cattle in rural areas becomes smaller and smaller, such people have become rare, and the technique of fetching iron from the rumen of cattle is about to be lost. However, modern cattle raising is still inevitable to eat wire, iron nails and other metal foreign bodies by mistake. Here is a detailed introduction to the specific operation methods of iron extraction in the rumen of cattle.

First, how to determine whether there is a metal foreign body in the rumen of cattle

1. A metal detector was used to detect the presence of metal foreign bodies in the rumen of cattle.

2. When the compass is close to the surface of the rumen of cattle, metal foreign bodies may exist if the compass is deviated.

3. suffering from intractable diarrhea, unwilling to lie down or exercise, unwilling to turn when forced exercise, rough hair, physique and other symptoms


Second, the concrete operation method of iron extraction in rumen of cattle.

 Prepare a special bovine rumen iron remover and open it, and check whether the rope is attached to the magnet to ensure that it does not slip or break. In addition, the cattle should be in good mental condition and fast for 1 day .

1, keep the cow standing firmly, the assistant uses the cow nose forceps to clamp the nose oblique upward traction, insert the stomach tube and pour 0.4% light saline (the temperature needs to be kept at about 40 ℃), the weight is about 5% of the weight of the cow. In order to fully dilute rumen contents.

2. Place an mouth opening device for the cow and fasten it firmly in the mouth so that the mouth is moderately open. Through the mouth opening device, the magnet with rope is fed into the throat of the cow with the handle of the iron remover, and the magnet is swallowed into the rumen. When reaching rumen, let the cow swallow the rope. The length of the rope entering the esophagus is roughly the same as the length of the cow, and finally fasten the end of the rope firmly to the mouth opener.

3. After putting the cow magnet into the rumen of the cow, you need to walk the cow. You can choose to walk up and down the steep slope, walk and run, and make a few more sharp turns for 20 minutes for 30 minutes so that the magnet can fully move the metal foreign body in the rumen of the cow.

4, after exercise, give the cow a little rest, then make it stand on the horizontal ground, slowly pull out the caw magnet. When the magnet passes through the spray door, there will be a certain resistance. Do not pull hard. You should send the pull combination a few more times until you pull it out slowly.

5,Wash the pulled magnet and remove the metal foreign body. If the magnet tail is covered with metal foreign bodies, it may not be removed completely. Another bovine stomach iron removal is required.

cow magnet

Third, how to prevent cattle from eating metal foreign bodies by mistake.

1. Cattle feed processing places, and cattle breeding places should avoid wire, iron nails and other metal foreign bodies, which should be found in time to pick up and put in places where cattle can not eat.

2.  Place strong iron absorbing stone at the entrance of feed processing machine, so as to avoid the entry of metal foreign bodies such as wire and nail to the greatest extent. In the case of artificial mixing, the magnet rod can be used as the mixing tool or the strong iron absorption stone can be bound to the mixing tool.

3. Cattle grazing should avoid areas such as construction sites, garbage dumps and other areas where metal foreign bodies may be scattered. Eating metal has a great impact on the health of cattle, so farmers should pay attention to cattle’s diet.

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