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What are the Advantages of Farm Pigs?

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What are the Advantages of Farm Pigs?

It may come as a surprise to those of us who love our steak and boerewors, that pork has the highest consumption rate of all meat types. About 36% of meat eaten by humans annually is pork, followed by poultry (35%), and cattle and buffalo (22%).Lamb and mutton, come in at a distant 4,6%. What advantages does pig farming bring on earth to make the pork markets so good?

Many factors affect these trends. They include religious beliefs, environmental conditions, pricing and the growth of the human population.

Family farm pig cost

The owners of family farms generally have the land in the pig-raising area, and do not need to consider renting and breeding equipment and factories. There is no expenditure on labor costs. To expand the scale into small and medium-sized farms, it involves a series of problems such as renting land and hiring people, which will greatly increase the cost and uncertainty.

Environmental protection

Pigs are highly sociable, and communicate with one another via grunts of different pitch and duration. Pigs in the wild live in groups called ‘sounders’, usually made up of one male with a number of sows. Some sounders have been known to include 300 members. Males chased away by dominant boars often leave to form their own sounder in another location.

Pigs are remarkably clean and will often reserve an area in a sty solely for defecation.


Prolific breeders

Pigs usually breed twice a year, and produce about 12 piglets in a litter. These weigh about 1,1kg at birth and, unlike any other livestock, may double their weight in the first week of life if they obtain sufficient milk from the sow.

Piglets can be weaned at two to four weeks and can be slaughtered as ‘weaners’ at two to three months old. Other categories include ‘porkers’ (slaughtered at four months), ‘baconers’ (at eight months) and ‘sausage pigs’, elderly animals that are culled.

Comparing pig growth rates and offspring numbers to those of cattle and sheep, it is easy to see why pig farming can accelerate profitability if undertaken properly in a humane, clean, and stress-free environment.

This is not only the correct thing to do. A lack of such farming practices can lead to great financial loss due to disease and stress-related problems.

In a word, pig farming is very attractive and profitable business. In many respects, pigs seems become ideal in this regard. They have fast growth rates and good feed-to-meat conversion ratios; are relatively easy to raise, and do not require much space; have prolific breeding potential; and are docile. Today’s domesticated pig has most of the qualities that the modern farmer looks for in livestock, including high profitability. These factors not only lead to increased profitability but will surely assist in meeting the growing demand for meat in future. Pork consumption is likely to increase even more due to lower production costs.


Pig should be fed 18% crude protein. Farmers should not feed pig table scraps and garbage. For this farmers may be fall in danger. To farming, the pig should give the lettuce and other vegetables, but meat products are not appropriate. If the farmers give meat products the pig will put on too much fat and it will decrease the profit. Pig should feed 10-15 pounds of feed a day when it will 130 pounds heavier. To make a pig in a perfect weight, farmers should feed ½ cup of corn oil 2 times each day mixed with 1 egg 2 times each day and ½ cup of milk re placer powder twice a day,1 table spoon corn oil is also necessary. Proper and sufficient feeding brings success in pig farming.

To farm pig successfully farmer needs training and learn more things about farming. As pigs meet up the farmers economic need, it is becoming an enjoyable business day by day. To farm pigs effectively farmers should make perfect shelter for pigs. They should give proper food and proper medical protection. Though pig farming is not an easy task but it is very attractive business. To make a large farm farmers have to work a lot. 

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