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What can Animal Control Do?

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What can Animal Control Do?

Thousands of years ago, when people began family planning, many animals had already implemented animal sterilization.

1.knowledge of animal sterilization

Large elephants can have family planning, and small ants can also have family planning. In the ant kingdom, when food is abundant, the queen produces more offspring; when food is scarce, it stops. The Ant King also adjusts the structure of the ant mouths according to the number of ants needed for guards, nesting and new colonies. It can be seen that the family planning right of the ant kingdom is controlled by the ant king.

Among wildlife, the family planning of African antelope is even more amazing. If the female antelope finds that her pregnancy time is not suitable and the baby is to be born in the cold winter, then it will slow down the growth and development of the fetus and leave the underdeveloped fetus in the abdomen. By prolonging the gestation period, the baby can spend the cold winter and give birth again when spring comes.

Although the family planning of these animals is amazing, they are not as good as primates. African chimpanzees can purposefully eat abortion plants eaten by local people for abortion. Soon after the mother gives birth to the baby, she will purposefully eat wild beans rich in estrogen for contraception. But when they need to strengthen their fertility, they will eat some wild beans which have an estrous effect.

Animal family planning is an instinct formed by animals in their long-term natural selection to adapt to changing environments. This instinct is very useful for maintaining the reproduction and evolution of races without animal disease. Family planning is unconscious and conscious.


 2. Utilization value of farm boars.

At present, pig artificial insemination technology is one of the effective technical measures to improve the performance of pig production. It is inseparable from the contribution of these induced and boar pigs. The induced condition can promote the estrus of the sows as soon as possible, shorten the days of the non-production of sows, and confirm the best mating time of the sows, thus laying a good foundation for artificial insemination.

Its greatest advantage is that the pig farms can reduce the number of breeding boars, increase the utilization rate of good boars, reduce the cost of breeding, and avoid the direct transmission of diseases among pigs. Although these boars have no fertility, they play an important role in promoting estrus of sows, improving fertility rate of sows and increasing litter size of sows.

Boars in pig farms are used for semen collection or sexual intercourse, while boars in other pig farms are more submissive. The only thing they have to do in daily life is animal control. What is a trial boar? It can be literally understood that the sows are allowed to test their estrus, check whether they are estrus or not, and do not allow them to participate in mating. Their job is to induce and promote the estrus of sows and to check the estrus of sows.

They are different from the male boars in the boar station. They are often raised separately around the breeding pen in the production area. They are fed in a large pen to ensure the amount of exercise and the semen is not used for mating. The Boars of inducing and checking love require strong sexual desire, vigorous energy, rich saliva secretion and typical boars' voice.

animal care

These boars were sterilized at about 30 days of age when they were young. Sterilization was very simple, but different from castration. Boar castration is to cut off the testicles, while boar sterilization is to retain the testicles of boars, but only to cut off the vas deferens of boars, thus losing the function of sperm transmission to achieve sterilization purposes.  In the actual production of pig farms in China, some of the pig farms used to induce and check the situation. Because of their low sexual desire and slow action, it is often difficult to achieve the desired attraction and checking effect. In foreign farms, dualistic or ternary mixed boars are usually selected as special sex-inducing and emotional-checking boars. After vasectomy, the effect of sex-inducing and emotional-checking is more safe and reliable.

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