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What is Animal Care and Control?

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What is Animal Care and Control?

 We know that animals are good friends of human beings when we look at the animal world from an early age, so animal care and control and animal disease prevention and animal control is a very important thing. Next, I will introduce you some knowledge in this field.

 1. Introduction to Animal Care

Nursing refers to providing all kinds of necessary services for sick animals to help them recover, or providing disease prevention for those animals who cannot take care of themselves.

Baffles must be installed between diseased animals to prevent contact between them. Comfortable and safe living environment is one of the elements to return to ideal health. The cage must be of the right size so that the animals can stand, walk and turn easily. The fence of the cage must be dense enough to prevent animals from drilling out. For cats and dogs, a guardrail must be added to the lower half of the cage to prevent them from escaping or injuring. A baffle must be installed between the cage and the cage to prevent the animals from touching each other.

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2. Analysis of animal disease prevention and control

Animal epidemics will cause serious harm to animals and human beings and cause great economic losses. Therefore, we should strengthen the prevention and control of animal epidemics and minimize the occurrence of them. At the same time, we should control the epidemic situation in the shortest time when the epidemic breaks out, and limit the epidemic situation to the smallest extent so as to minimize the loss, protect people's life and health, and promote the healthy development of animal husbandry.

The self-regulation of breeding enterprises is the first prerequisite for the prevention and control of animal epidemics.

Only by self-regulation and strict compliance with immunization standards can other work be carried out reasonably. Aquaculture enterprises need to formulate internal systems in accordance with relevant standards, improve animal epidemic immunization, disinfection and other work, strict requirements within the enterprise, promote the prevention and control of animal epidemics can complete good self-regulation and supervision, and actively cooperate with the supervision of relevant departments to ensure the efficiency and rationality of the work. In the use of drugs, we should carefully read the relevant instructions on animal drug prohibition in China, and clearly record the use of inputs. In addition, the living environment of animals should be rationally optimized, so that animals can grow in a comfortable environment, reduce the invasion of bacteria and viruses, which is conducive to improving the immune capacity of animals.

For the work exchanges with farmers, the relevant responsible units should clarify their responsibilities and actively establish working contacts with farmers in order to better complete the work of animal epidemic prevention and control. For the relevant laws and regulations of animal epidemic prevention and control, the relevant departments should carefully explain the farmer in the process of work exchange, so as to avoid the irregularities of the work process. This will also help farmers to solve the problems encountered in the production process, and protect the interests of farmers from loss. With the support of the government's policies and technology, many enterprises have improved significantly. They are more specialized than before in terms of breeding level and industry norms.

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Because many aquaculture practitioners do not have professional knowledge and ability of aquaculture, animal epidemics occur frequently in the process of aquaculture, which is also a key factor hindering the progress of aquaculture industry. Enterprises should employ professionals to conduct intensive training for farmers in order to improve their professional knowledge and ability and ensure a scientific understanding of the prevention and control of animal epidemics.

Government departments should formulate reasonable and scientific animal husbandry development plans according to the development of local aquaculture industry and relevant laws and regulations, and strictly divide the aquaculture areas so as to facilitate centralized management and prevent environmental pollution. Based on the analysis of local characteristics, the advantages of animal husbandry industry were established to promote the stability of the structure of animal husbandry industry.

The prevention and control of animal epidemics is an important work related to people's dietary health. To control the health and safety of animal products is the premise of guaranteeing people's quality of life.




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