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What’s the Farm Animal Drinking Water Problem?

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What’s the Farm Animal Drinking Water Problem?

Water is the source of life. For cow, water is an indispensable and irreplaceable nutrient with functions of temperature regulation, nutrient transportation, biochemical reaction, lubrication and protection. Cow can survive for only a few days in extreme water shortages, but they can survive for weeks without feed. When the calf arrived at the barn, it was unable to drink because the new partner and the new environment were unfamiliar and it was unwilling to touch the cow drinking bowl. Without drinking water, serious dehydration can result in death of calves. Therefore, adequate drinking water is very important for maintaining the health and welfare level of cow. But in the actual production process, the problem of drinking water is often the most easily ignored.

In order to solve the problem of animal drinking water, the water system optimization provides more reasonable suggestions for some general improvement methods.

Method 1

Avoid dead end of water pipe. Flush valves can be installed at the end of the pipe. Before the new batch of pig enters the house, the pipes should be washed and pressed, and every drinking water should be pressed, and the old water from the main pipe to the end of the drinking water can be released.


Method 2

Choose the appropriate detergent to clean the whole piggery water supply system every 2 months. If pigs are administered through drinking water, additional cleaning of pipes is necessary. Compound organic acid is the most commonly used detergent, which can effectively reduce the pressure of bacterial contamination in drinking water, but its ability to remove biofilm is limited. The biofilm can be removed by hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous chemical. Before using this product, it is necessary to carefully read the product description and standardize the use of the product.

Method 3

Use only PVC or stainless steel pipes. In farms where iron pipes have been used, iron removal equipment is necessary to prevent excessive iron ions in water. 


Method 4

It is recommended that you use a medical distribution system on your farm. In a central location, you can see and control which fences on the farm need to add medicines to the water being transported.

Studies have clearly shown that sterile and fresh water can increase daily gain, reduce the use of antibiotics and greatly improve the health of farm pigs. Daily management should pay attention to check the drinking water situation of pigs, do a good job of water quality detection, reduce the leakage of drinking water appliances and pipes, ensure storage, etc.

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