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Why Do Farmers Use Cow Magnets?

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Why do Farmers Use Cow Magnets?

There are two basic cattle breeding method : grazing and farm feeding. Grazing period: in hot summer season, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, night grazing can be carried out. Grazing should be guaranteed for more than 10 hours a day. Under conditions, 1 kg of concentrate can be fed daily, in addition to root tuber, tuber feed or high quality hay. Cows should drink water 5 times a day and their body should be wiped 2 times. In summer breeder should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling. Farm breeding period: Cattle eating is very important. High quality artificially cultivated forage or wild hay, agricultural by-products should be mainly fed with 10—12 kg per day. 2.5 kg of refined material and 10 kg of silage are also needed. Cows should drink 5 times of drinking water and they should be brushed twice a day. In the morning and afternoon, each exercise lasts 1.5 hours and 2 hours. Stop exercising 10 to 15 days before delivery.

Winter cattle houses should have protective equipment. First, grazing and fattening. The vast pastoral areas and some agricultural areas in China are rich in forage resources, which is an important base for fattening cattle. In prairie areas, there are about 100 heads per group and about 75 heads per group in forests or mountains. However, it depends on the specific situation of the meadow.

Young cattle for grazing and fattening shall weigh not less than 120 kilograms. If the weight is too small, the end of fattening will not reach the slaughtering weight. In order to make full use of the grassland, the grassland is divided into large areas according to cattle herds, one area for each group. Each area is divided into 6 plots and 7 plots, each plot grazing for 5 days, each plot in the whole grazing period can be released 3 times 4. From the beginning of May to the middle of October and the end of late October, the whole period is about 150-165 days. The duration of grazing and fattening is about 120-160 in young cattle, adult cattle take about 100 and 120 days. When there is not enough forage, mowed feed, silage or hay should be fed in time. Give 50 grams of salt a day to the cattle and should drink 4 times a day. The water quality should be high. Grazing time shall not be less than 12 hours per day and night.

When cattle feed on forage, they often swallow a large mouthful of it and send the grass directly into the rumen without full chewing. So it is particularly easy to eat metal foreign bodies such as wire and nail by mistake. Here is the concrete operation method of iron extraction in rumen of cattle.

 Prepare a special bovine rumen iron remover and open it, and check whether the rope is attached to the magnet to ensure that it does not slip or break. In addition, the cattle should be in good mental condition and fast for 1 day.

1. keep the cow standing firmly

the assistant uses the cow nose forceps to clamp the nose oblique upward traction, insert the stomach tube and pour 0.4% light saline (the temperature needs to be kept at about 40 ℃), the weight is about 5% of the weight of the cow. In order to fully dilute rumen contents.

2. Place an mouth opening device for the cow and fasten it firmly

Through the mouth opening device, the magnet with rope is fed into the throat of the cow with the handle of the iron remover, and the magnet is swallowed into the rumen. When reaching rumen, let the cow swallow the rope. The length of the rope entering the esophagus is roughly the same as the length of the cow, and finally fasten the end of the rope firmly to the mouth opener.

3. Walk the cow

You can choose to walk up and down the steep slope, walk and run, and make a few more sharp turns for 20 minutes for 30 minutes so that the magnet can fully move the metal foreign body in the rumen of the cow.

4. Give the cow a little rest

Make it stand on the horizontal ground, slowly pull out the caw magnet. When the magnet passes through the spray door, there will be a certain resistance. Do not pull hard. You should send the pull combination a few more times until you pull it out slowly.

5.Wash the pulled caw magnet and remove the metal foreign body

If the magnet tail is covered with metal foreign bodies, it may not be removed completely. Another bovine stomach iron removal is required.

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