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Why Don’t You Use the Automatic Pig Feeder?

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Why don’t you use the Automatic Pig Feeder?

In recent years, with the large-scale production of pig farms and the increasingly severe situation of pig farms, the automatic feed system for pig feeders has been widely used. The following is a brief introduction to the principle, advantages and disadvantages of the automatic feeding system.

1. the Working principle of feeder

 The automatic pig feeder is a new type of feeding equipment. It is installed in the lower part of various storage tanks and activates the material through vibration, thus eliminating the phenomenon of lifting, blocking and sticking the warehouse of materials, and can solve the problem of difficulty in discharging the warehouse.

The automatic feeding machine shall be fixed on the special foundation when installing and debugging equipment, and fixed by the pre-bury bolt. If special foundation is not used, anti-vibration rubber plate should be placed between the workbench and the equipment base. The equipment must be equipped with reliable grounding protection lines before use. After the equipment is installed in place, the device used to fix the sieve and seat during transportation must be removed before starting. Most of the feeding machines are disc-shaped, and the inside of the disk has a spirally rising inclined slot. The orientation mechanism is arranged near the exit of the material slot, and the workpiece moves along the inclined material slot when passing through the exit. Support Springs are usually 3 or 4 plate Springs and are inclined to install. Electromagnet is used as a vibration source, connected to an AC power supply or a pulsating current that is rectified by half a wave.


2. Advantages of the automatic feeder

 1) It can not only replace manual operation, but also achieve 1 person to guard 5 machine tools, greatly reduce the demand for employees, reduce the cost of employees, and increase corporate profits

2) It can avoid industrial accidents and reduce corporate risk

3) Machines can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted production and improve production efficiency

4) Automated production can avoid manual operation errors, thus ensuring product quality stability.

pig feeder

 3. Disadvantages of the automatic feeder

 The first is that the feed stroke is only adjusted by the eccentricity of the eccentric axis, and it must be adjusted by stopping. The second is a friction transmission when a unidirectional bearing is used, and there is a degree of wear and lubrication due to unidirectional bearings in the process of the eccentric mechanism from the line speed of the upper and lower two stop points to the unidirectional bearing to generate enough friction to transmit the feed torque. The nonlinear factors such as fatigue and ambient temperature of the booster spring cause the feed length to be inaccurate. Because it is a friction transmission, the service life is short, it can not adapt to the high-speed automatic feed machine feed requirements.

However, the automatic feeder is useful to pig farms, and I t can reduce the stress of the pig feeders.

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