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Why Should we feed the Cow with a Magnet?

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Why Should we feed the Cow with a Magnet?

When cattle feed on forage, they tend to swallow it in big gulps, and then feed the grass directly into the rumen without sufficient chewing, so it is particularly easy to eat iron wire, nails and other metal foreign bodies. Due to the sharp nature of these things, it is difficult to follow the grass when ruminating and stay in the rumen for a long time. It is likely to penetrate the stomach wall and stab the heart when the stomach and intestines move, which will lead to traumatic pericarditis in the cow. In severe cases, the cow may die.

How to solve when we face such a difficult problem?

Just need a caw stomach magnet,it is a product which use in the cattle stomach.

let the cattle swallowed from a very young age, to prevent the cattle to eat iron parts type scratches internal organs!

The stomach magnet steel is mainly used in dairy farm. When cattle ingest iron nails, iron slag and other substances by accident, it will pose a great threat to the life of cattle. If cattle feed on such products, they will absorb iron nails, iron slag and other substances, thus playing a role in protecting the stomach of cattle. And this product in cattle,it is without any side effects after eating them. And a cow needs only one product to protect it for life.

cow magnet

How to take iron from rumen of cattle?

The special rumen iron remover and cattle mouth opener should be prepared first, and the rope attached to the magnet and the mouth opener should be checked to ensure that it will not slip or break. In addition, the cattle that need iron should be in good mental condition and fast for 1 day to get iron on an empty stomach.

1. the cows are standing baoding, assistant with cow nose pliers clamp nose syncline above drawing, insert gastric tube and 0.4% saline water pumping (need to keep temperature around 40 ℃), about 5% of the weight is about the weight, and in order to fully diluted rumen content.

2. Place the mouth opener on the cow and firmly fix it in the mouth to make the mouth open moderately. Through the mouth opener, a rope magnet was fed into the cow's throat with the handle of the iron remover, and the cow swallowed the magnet into the rumen. After reaching the rumen, the cow was allowed to swallow the rope, the length of the rope entering the esophagus was roughly the same as the length of the cow, and finally the end of the rope was firmly tied to the mouth opener.

3. After the magnet is put into the rumen of the cattle, it is necessary to walk the cattle. You can choose to walk up and down the steep slope, walk and run together, and make several sharp turns for 20-30 minutes, so that the magnet can fully move and absorb metal foreign bodies in the rumen of the cattle.

4. After the cow exercises, let it rest for a while, then make it stand on the horizontal ground and slowly pull out the magnet. Magnet through the spray door will have a certain resistance, do not yank hard pull, should send pull more than a few times, until the slow pull out.

5. Rinse the pulled magnet clean and remove the metal foreign body. If the magnet tail is stained with metal foreign bodies may not be clean, rumen iron should be taken again.


How to avoid cattle ingestion of metal foreign bodies?

1. Avoid the scattering of iron wire, nails and other metal objects in the cattle feed processing and cattle raising places. Pick them up and put them in places where the cattle cannot feed.

2, in the feed processing machinery at the entrance to place a strong magnet, so as to avoid the maximum extent of wire, nails and other metal foreign bodies into the case of artificial mix can be used as a magnet bar mix tool or binding on the tool mix strong magnet.

3. When cattle graze, they should avoid the site, garbage dump and other areas where metal objects may be scattered.

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