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Do you know why cows need to have their hooves trimmed regularly?

Why do cows need to have their hooves trimmed regularly? In fact, cow hoof trimming is not to make the cow's hoof more beautiful, but the cow's hoof, like human nails, is constantly growing. Regular pruning can prevent various hoof diseases in cattle, and the cattle will walk more smoothly. In the past, hoof trimming was done to treat cow ailments. Hoof disease is a common disease in dairy farms. In a herd, it is indeed difficult to tell which cow has a diseased hoof at first glance. But as long as you pay attention, it is not difficult to tell which cow has a problem with the hoof. .

If a cow's front hooves are diseased, its bad leg cannot stand straight and its knees will be bent, which can reduce its load. In order to relieve pain, cows will always find their most comfortable position. Good cows become lame due to hoof disease, but hoof disease brings them more than just physical pain. Because of the loss of appetite caused by pain, cows eat and drink less, become thinner and thinner, produce less and less milk, and the entire functional resistance will decrease.


With nail care, some cows can recover quickly, but others are still unable to avoid the threat of recurrence. The recurrence of hoof disease will of course cause another harm to the cows, but the most serious thing is that some cows have no cure at all. Some serious hoof diseases affect the joints of dairy cows. Eventually, the joints will become very large, and the body temperature will rise. In severe cases, they will lie down. Such cows will eventually have to be eliminated due to the decrease in milk production. .

For farmers, when cows are eliminated due to hoof disease, not only the milk production suddenly becomes zero, but the efficiency of the entire cattle farm will also become negative due to the loss of cows. In order to minimize the impact on milk production, sick cows must be treated through hoof trimming, and the rotten and necrotic tissues should be cleaned up in time. Therefore, it is very necessary to trim the hoof of cattle.

Post time: Jan-18-2024