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How about Round Stainless Steel Drinking Bowl?

The working principle of stainless steel environmentally friendly drinking water bowls is: using a touch type switch, the pig's mouth can be touched to release water, and when not touched, it will not release water. According to the drinking habits of pigs, the environmentally friendly drinking bowl adopts a deepened and thickened design. Compared to ordinary water bowls, the water can be clearly seen by the pigs, and the water nozzle position is relatively lower. The water level line is lower than the edge height of the bowl compared to ordinary water bowls. Pigs only need to drink the water in the bowl to a certain extent before going to the water nozzle, otherwise the water will submerge the pig's nose and cannot breathe, in order to achieve water-saving goals.


Modern pig farms require a large amount of drinking water, and pigs must be able to drink sufficient amounts of clean water at any time.
An adult pig needs 8-12 liters of water to drink day and night; Pregnant sows 14-18L, lactating sows 18-22L; One week old piglets have a daily water requirement of approximately 180-240g per kilogram of body weight, while four week old piglets have a water requirement of 190-250g per kilogram of body weight.
Many pig farms have their own drinking water devices, and generally speaking, there are still many people who connect drinking bowls to the drinking water devices. Because the drinking bowl is convenient for pigs to drink. It is also suitable for delivery beds, nursery pens, and fattening pens. Stainless steel environmentally friendly drinking bowls can greatly save water while preventing contamination of feed and ensuring the cleanliness of the pigsty


Post time: Oct-18-2023