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SDWB01 Stainless Steel Drinking Bowl

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Material: Thickness 1.0mm, Stainless steel 304.

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Pipe screw thread: NPT-1/2" (American pipe thread) or G-1/2" (European pipe thread)

The Oval Metal Waterer is an innovative watering device designed for poultry and livestock animals. This water feeder adopts an oval shape design, which is more stable and practical than traditional round water feeders. A critical part of the feeder is the tight connection between the nipple feeder valve and the mouth of the bowl. Through precise design and workmanship, a tight and seamless connection between the teat feeder valve and the bowl is ensured, thereby improving the sealing performance of the entire system. This tight connection can not only save water resources and reduce water waste, but also effectively solve the problem of water leakage and prevent the occurrence of bad phenomena such as anorexia and wetlands. This feeder is available in three sizes S, M, L to suit the needs of different sized poultry and livestock animals. Whether it is small poultry or large livestock, you can find the right size. The oval shape not only provides enough space for animals to drink, but also allows them to drink more comfortably, reducing stress and resistance when feeding. Made of durable metal material, this metal water feeder has good durability and corrosion resistance. Metal materials are not only able to withstand the bite and use of animals, but also withstand harsh environmental conditions. Moreover, the metal material is easy to clean and disinfect, effectively keeping the water clean and hygienic. The design of the oval metal water feeder is simple and practical, and it is very convenient to install and disassemble. 

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It uses a smart teat feeder valve that automatically supplies water according to the animal's needs, without human intervention. The arterial water supply mode can also reduce water pollution and waste, and improve drinking water effect. In conclusion, the oval metal water feeder is an efficient and practical water feeding device, through the tight connection and adjustable nipple feeder valve, it achieves the double effect of water saving and leak prevention. Its wide selection of sizes and durable metal make it suitable for a wide variety of poultry and livestock animals. Choose the oval metal waterer to provide reliable drinking equipment for animals and promote their healthy growth.

Package: Each piece with one polybag, 25 pieces with export carton.

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