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SDAI14 Disposable cow uterus cleaning tube

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Uterine cleaning in dairy cows plays a vital role in improving reproductive outcomes and ensuring the overall health of the reproductive system. While heat recognition and hormone therapy are important, uterine cleansing and treatment provide additional benefits in improving conception rates. One of the main reasons for uterine cleansing is to address conditions such as endometritis (inflammation of the lining of the uterus). Endometritis can lead to reduced fertility and conception rates in dairy cows.

  • Material: PP
  • Size: L66.5cm
  • Package: 10pcs/polybag;80bags/CTN
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    Through uterine washing, harmful substances such as inflammatory fragments and bacteria can be removed, the uterus can heal, and a good environment can be created for successful fertilization and pregnancy. Additionally, uterine cleansing can be beneficial for cows that have experienced early postpartum abortions or cows that are having difficulty conceiving or showing signs of estrus. Cleansing the uterus can help remove any residual material or infection that may be interfering with normal reproductive function. By cleaning the uterus, it promotes the growth of healthy uterine tissue, improving the chances of successful fertilization and implantation. The procedure for uterine washing involves introducing a diluted iodine solution into the uterus. This solution helps to change the pH and osmotic pressure in the uterus, thus positively affecting the reproductive process. Changes in the uterine environment stimulate nerve conduction and promote uterine smooth muscle contraction. These contractions help expel any unwanted material, enhance the metabolic function of the uterus, and create an optimal environment for follicle development and maturation. Uterine douching helps normalize follicle development, maturation, ovulation and fertilization by adjusting the neuroendocrine system in the cow to a new state. It improves the chances of successful estrus synchronization, especially if artificial insemination is used. Studies have shown that washing the uterus with dilute iodine solution can make most cows realize estrus synchronization, and significantly increase the conception rate during artificial insemination, up to 52%. 

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    Overall, uterine washing is an important procedure in dairy cow reproductive management. It helps treat uterine inflammation, improves fertility in cows who have experienced postpartum miscarriages or difficulty conceiving, and enhances the overall reproductive process by creating an optimal uterine environment. Uterine washing has a positive impact on conception rates and reproductive outcomes and is an effective tool for ensuring successful breeding and maintaining the health of the dairy cow's reproductive system.

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