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SDAI01-1 Disposable Small Sponge Catheter Without End Plug

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This veterinary disposable small sponge head artificial insemination tube is a highly efficient tool specially designed for artificial insemination of animals. This product not only features convenient use, but also focuses on animal comfort and hygiene. First, the disposable small sponge-tipped artificial insemination tube is made of soft material to ensure the comfort of the animal during the insemination process.

  • Material: PP tube,EVA sponge tip
  • Size: OD¢6.85 x L500x T1.00mm
  • Description: Sponge tip color yellow,blue,white,green etc is available.
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    Compared with traditional silicone tubes, the design of the small sponge head is gentler, avoiding irritation and discomfort to animals. The small sponge head artificial insemination tube for veterinary use is small in size and can better adapt to the physiological structure and needs of animals. Secondly, the product is designed for single use, which ensures the hygiene of the insemination process. The one-time use design avoids repeated cleaning and disinfection processes, greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection. In the process of artificial insemination of animals, hygiene is very important. Only by ensuring good sanitary conditions can the health of animals and the success rate of artificial insemination be better guaranteed. In addition, the disposable small sponge head artificial insemination tube has no end plug, which simplifies the operation steps and improves the efficiency of artificial insemination. Traditional artificial insemination tubes need to be inserted into the terminal plugs for connection, and this process requires a certain amount of time and skill. The design of the disposable small sponge head artificial insemination tube eliminates the terminal plug, reduces the operation steps, and makes the insemination process more convenient and efficient.

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    Finally, this affordable veterinary disposable small sponge-tip artificial insemination tube is ideal for use in veterinary medical institutions and farms. Disposable design avoids the cost of regular cleaning and disinfection, and also reduces the burden on veterinarians and farm staff. At the same time, the price is relatively low, which reduces the cost in the artificial insemination process. In general, veterinary disposable artificial insemination tubes with small sponge tips have significant advantages in terms of comfort, hygiene and ease of operation. Its appearance effectively improves the success rate of animal artificial insemination, and provides an efficient, hygienic and economical choice for veterinary medical institutions and farms.

    Packing: Each piece with one polybag,500 pieces with export carton.

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