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SDAI11 Livestock Semen Bag In Rolls

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The construction material of the semen bag. High-strength plastic film ensures the bag is tough, durable and highly resistant to abrasion. It is not easily scratched or damaged, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for semen preservation. Additionally, the material has been specifically designed to be sperm-friendly for optimal sperm health and longevity during storage. This feature is crucial for the long-term maintenance of sperm motility.

  • Material: PTE+PE
  • Size: 100ml
  • Packing: 250 pieces in roll ,2,000 pieces with export carton.
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    The easy-open pocket is another practical feature that adds convenience to the insemination process. Simply tear open the pocket for fast and efficient access to semen. The open lid can also be used to cover the pouch opening, keeping the semen clean and sterile until ready to use. Additionally, the bag's standard gradient design allows for compatibility with all standard vas deferens diameters. This simplifies the insemination process as no additional adjustments or modifications are required, reducing the risk of errors or complications. Continuous semen bag, specially designed for hanging automatic insemination, can further improve efficiency and save labor. The vas deferens can be easily inserted into the sow through well-placed holes in the bag body. Once inserted, the bag can be hung on a rope above the sow, removing the need for constant supervision and allowing staff to perform other tasks. This feature significantly increases personnel productivity and simplifies the insemination process. The sterile and dust-free nature of the semen bag plays a vital role in ensuring the overall hygiene and quality of the semen. By minimizing the chance of contamination, the bag helps maintain the integrity of the semen, which improves pregnancy rates in sows.

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    This aspect is especially important during reproduction, as any contamination can negatively affect the success of insemination. Finally, the continuous semen bag adopts the design of upper opening and holes on both sides, which is compatible with various automatic filling and manual sealing machines around the world. This versatility allows seamless integration into different production setups, ensuring optimum utilization and compatibility. Overall, bagged semen has many advantages, including durable construction, easy access, compatibility with various systems, high level of hygiene, improved work efficiency, and higher pregnancy rates. 

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