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SDAI12 Liquid Nitrogen Containers

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Liquid nitrogen tank is a “storage tank” for storing frozen bovine semen, and frozen semen is generally stored in a liquid nitrogen tank. There are currently many models of liquid nitrogen tanks specifically used for storing frozen semen, but their basic structure is the same.

  • Material: high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Description: Liquid Nitrogen Containers Spare Canister,Spare Neck Cork,Lockable Cover,Spare protective jacket
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    1. When using, the following precautions should be taken: handle with care during transportation, avoid collisions, and pay special attention to protecting the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank. Usually placed in a dark place, try to reduce the number and time of tank opening to reduce liquid nitrogen consumption. Regularly add liquid nitrogen to ensure that at least one-third of the liquid nitrogen is retained in the tank. During storage, if significant consumption of liquid nitrogen or frost discharge outside the tank is found, it indicates that the performance of the liquid nitrogen tank is abnormal and should be replaced immediately. When collecting and releasing frozen semen, do not lift the lifting cylinder of the frozen semen outside the tank mouth, only the base of the tank neck.

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    2. What are the precautions for storing frozen bovine semen in a liquid nitrogen tank? The frozen semen improvement technology of cattle is currently the most widely used and effective breeding technology. The correct preservation and use of frozen semen is one of the prerequisites for ensuring normal conception of cattle. When storing and using frozen semen of cattle, attention should be paid to: frozen semen of cattle should be stored in liquid nitrogen tanks, with a dedicated person responsible for maintenance. Liquid nitrogen should be added at regular times every week, and the condition of the liquid nitrogen tanks should be checked regularly.

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