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SDAI02-2 Disposable Medium Sponge Catheter With End Plug

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The Disposable Foam Catheter is an innovative professional tool that meets the specific needs of the veterinary and livestock industry. Its main purpose is to assist veterinarians in artificial insemination of animals, thereby increasing reproductive efficiency and ensuring the production of high-quality animal breeds.

  • Material: PP tube , EVA sponge tip  
  • Size: OD¢7.00 x L525x T1.00mm
  • Description: Sponge tip color yellow,blue,white,green etc is available.
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    This disposable vas deferens is made of high-quality sponge material with excellent softness. Its spongy material reduces irritation and discomfort in the animal's reproductive tract, ensuring a more comfortable, stress-free experience during artificial insemination. The disposable nature of this vas deferens is particularly advantageous as it eliminates the need for cleaning and disinfection. It saves valuable time and labor costs associated with tedious cleaning and sanitizing processes by avoiding re-use and the potential risk of cross-contamination. This convenience allows veterinarians to focus more on the task at hand and streamlines their workflow. Furthermore, the disposable nature of this vas deferens ensures impeccable hygiene and safety during each procedure. It eliminates the possibility of semen carryover and contamination, ensuring the highest purity and quality for every insemination procedure. With this level of assurance, veterinarians can confidently carry out their work without fear of compromising the reproductive health of the animals.

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    The size and shape of this disposable veterinary vas deferens has been carefully designed to accommodate various anatomical and reproductive characteristics of different animals. This thoughtful design allows for easier insertion and manipulation during surgery, reducing operator discomfort and minimizing animal discomfort and pain. The proper size of the vas deferens further facilitates a firm grip and improves maneuverability, resulting in more precise and stable inseminations, ultimately increasing the chances of successful fertilization. In summary, the disposable sponge catheter is a convenient, efficient and hygienic veterinary vasectomy tool. With its premium sponge material and well-designed features, it provides excellent handling and promotes successful fertilization. Whether used in a veterinary research laboratory or on the farm, this product provides vital support and assurance for animal reproduction, making it an essential tool for reproductive success.
    Packing:Each piece with one polybag,500 pieces with export carton

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