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SDAI02-1 Disposable Medium Sponge Catheter Without End Plug

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The Disposable Sponge Catheter is a revolutionary tool, tailored to meet the unique requirements of the veterinary and livestock industry. It plays a vital role in enabling veterinarians to perform artificial insemination procedures with the ultimate goal of increasing reproductive efficiency and ensuring the production of quality animal breeds.

  • Material: PP tube , EVA sponge tip  
  • Size: OD¢6.85 x L500 x T1.00mm
  • Description: Sponge tip color yellow,blue,white,green etc is available.
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    This disposable vas deferens is made of high-quality sponge material with unmatched softness. This feature is critical as it can significantly reduce irritation and discomfort in the animal's reproductive tract, ultimately improving overall comfort during the artificial insemination process. One of the main advantages of the disposable nature of this vas deferens is that it requires no cleaning and sterilization. This feature helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination that may arise from reusing equipment. As a result, valuable time and labor costs associated with cleaning and sanitizing are reduced, freeing up resources for other critical tasks. Furthermore, the single use of this vas deferens ensures impeccable hygiene and safety standards during each procedure. By avoiding the possibility of semen carryover and contamination, this product guarantees the highest purity and quality for each insemination procedure. The size and shape of this disposable veterinary vas deferens has been carefully designed to fit and accommodate the different anatomical and reproductive characteristics of different animals.

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    This meticulous design facilitates easier and more seamless insertion and manipulation during surgery, significantly reducing operator discomfort and animal suffering. The medium-sized tool also facilitates an easy grip and improves maneuverability, resulting in a more precise and stable insemination process. To summarize its use, the Disposable Foam Catheter is a convenient, efficient, hygienic vas deferens, custom-made for veterinary applications. Using high-quality sponge material and careful design, it provides excellent handling performance and powerful fertilization effect. Whether in a veterinary research laboratory or a busy farm environment, this product is a vital backbone, providing unwavering support and ensuring the successful reproduction of animals.

    Packing:Each piece with one polybag,500 pieces with export carton

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