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SDWB18 5L Plastic Floating Drinking Bowl With Plastic Flat Cover

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This 5L plastic drinking bowl is specially designed for farm animals, it is equipped with a plastic cover and a plastic float valve, which can achieve continuous water supply by connecting a water pipe. This drinking bowl is made of recyclable environmentally friendly plastic, which can not only reduce the burden on the environment, but also has anti-ultraviolet properties, which can resist the loss caused by sunlight and long-term use. The 5L capacity of this drinking bowl is enough to meet the daily drinking water needs of farm animals and maintain a continuous supply of water.

  • Material: Recyclable, environmental and UV additional plastic bowl with Plastic flat cover.
  • Size: L27.5×W29.5×D15cm
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Weight: 0.8kg.
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     Its connection design is simple and convenient, just connect the water pipe to the drinking water bowl to achieve continuous water supply, no need to add water frequently, saving time and effort. A major feature is that the color of the bowl and cover can be customized according to customer needs. You can choose a color that matches your individuality, according to the preferences of your farm animals or to harmonize with the environment. In this way, it can not only meet the functional requirements, but also add a visual beauty. We attach great importance to product packaging to ensure safe transportation of bowls and accessories. Specially selected pressure-resistant materials for packaging to ensure that the bowl or accessories will not be damaged during transportation. In this way, no matter where the product is sent, it can be guaranteed that the product will arrive in good condition. Overall, this 5L plastic drinking bowl has several advantages. Made from recyclable, eco-friendly plastic, it's environmentally friendly and UV-resistant to withstand prolonged outdoor use. After connecting the water pipe, it can realize continuous water supply, which saves the trouble of frequent replacement of water source. Moreover, customers can customize the color of the bowl and cover according to their preferences. The product packaging is meticulous and firm to ensure that the product reaches its destination safely. This 5L plastic drinking bowl is ideal for your farm animals.

    Package: 6 pieces with export carton.

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