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SDSN20-2 Veterinary Continuous Drencher

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The Veterinary Continuous Drencher is a versatile, efficient tool designed for dosing and feeding a wide variety of animals. The product has a moderate capacity and has a variety of options to meet different needs. This durable and well-designed water curtain is made from high-quality materials for longevity and reliability. Sturdy construction consists of a combination of plastic and metal components.

  • Specification:  10ml/20ml/30ml/50ml 
  • Material: High Quality Plastic,Metal tip
  • Use: Dosing/Feeding different animals
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    The high-quality plastic shell has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, which can prevent liquid medicine from leaking or being damaged. Metal internals provide strong support and durability, allowing this applicator to perform well over extended periods of use. Additionally, the infuser is equipped with an adjustable infusion speed control, allowing the veterinarian to infuse medication according to the animal's needs and comfort. This adjustable control device ensures precise fluid injection and dose control, prevents the drug from entering the animal too quickly or too slowly, and guarantees the accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, the long tube design attached to the product makes it easier for veterinarians to deliver drugs to different parts of the animal's body. This design not only provides greater flexibility and ease of operation, but also reduces stress and discomfort for the animal. To sum it up, the Veterinary Large Volume Drencher is a powerful and quality drencher for administering large volumes of medication or liquids to animals.

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    advantages are high-capacity priming syringes, durable plastic and metal materials, adjustable priming speed control, and convenient long tube design. These features make this product an ideal choice for veterinarians in animal medical settings, providing accurate, efficient and comfortable drug delivery and treatment experience.

    Features: Anti-bite Metal pipette tip,Adjustable dose,Clear scale

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