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SDSN13 120×¢6mm Drench Nozzle

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The Drench nozzle is a feeding joint made of chrome-plated copper that is used to feed livestock. The Luer interface and thread interface are two alternative connection types that offer versatility and ease for animal dosing. The product’s corrosion resistance and durability are increased thanks to chromium plating, which also lengthens the product’s useful life and lowers the frequency of maintenance. Second, the drench nozzle’s luer interface and threaded interface designs make them compatible with a variety of irrigation systems and animal species. The luer interface offers a robust and dependable connection to guarantee there are no leaks throughout the filling process, making it suited for some specific filling machinery. The threaded interface offers more freedom and choice because it works with a wider variety of devices.

  • Material: Brass drenching cannula with chrome plated
  • Size: 120×¢6mm
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    Additionally, the device was created with user and animal comfort in mind.  The drench nozzle is made with a proper curvature for easy injection and is particularly suitable for both animals and medical staff. For medical professionals who use their equipment frequently or continuously, this is extremely crucial.  The comfort of the animals is also taken into consideration while designing the drench nozzle, making sure that the dosing procedure is as stressful and upsetting to the animals as feasible.  The drench nozzle is simple to maintain and clean. 

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    The chrome layer's smoothness on the surface makes cleaning simpler and quicker, requiring less time and effort. Additionally, the chrome plating shields the item against corrosion and rust, extending its lifespan and lowering the need for maintenance and replacement. In conclusion, the drench nozzle is a connector for administering medication to animals. Its chrome-plated copper construction, adaptability of luer and threaded connections, ergonomic design, and ease of cleaning and maintenance make it a perfect option for both medical experts and pet owners. This device increases dosing efficiency, makes it easier to operate, ensures the comfort of the animals, and lowers operating and maintenance expenses.

    Package: Each piece with one polybag,500 pieces with export carton.

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