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SDSN10 Veterinary Aluminum Hub Needles

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Ultra-sharp, tri-bevelled, anti-coring needle
Stainless steel cannula.Precision Ruhr- lock aluminum hub Coated With a Silicons Polymer Sterile.Two pieces rigid pack.Cartridges are color-coded to follow industry standards providing easy gauge Identification.

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 The special material aluminum is used as the needle seat, and the injection needle is made of sus304 stainless steel welded pipe that meets the standards of human injection needles. Seat and tip have greater pull-out force.The maximum pulling force can reach more than 100 kg, and the minimum pulling force is guaranteed to be 40 kg, which is unmatched by other injection needles

SDSN10 Aluminum Hub Needles (1)
SDSN10 Aluminum Hub Needles (2)

This product is an ultra-sharp, tri-bevel designed, anti-coring needle. The needles are made of stainless steel sleeves, which are durable and corrosion resistant. The ultra-sharp, triple-bevel needle design allows for precise, smooth insertion into skin or tissue, reducing animal discomfort and the risk of tissue damage. The anti-coring feature prevents needle coring, keeping samples free from contamination and avoiding clogging. The stainless steel cannula maintains the sharpness and integrity of the needle even after multiple uses. The stainless steel material is also easy to clean and disinfect, making it suitable for use in medical environments. The needle is equipped with a precision luer lock aluminum hub to ensure a safe and stable connection between the needle and the syringe or other medical devices. The design of the needle hub prevents the leakage of drug or liquid during injection, ensuring accurate delivery. Overall, the needle is designed to provide healthcare professionals with a reliable, precise and comfortable tool for use in a variety of medical procedures. The combination of its ultra-sharp and anti-coring features, stainless steel cannula and precision luer lock aluminum hub enhances the effectiveness and safety of the injection process. Whether used for blood collection, vaccination or other medical applications, needles are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and enhance animal care.

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