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SDSN12 Copper Round Knurled Hub Needles

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It is used to treat and vaccinate a variety of animals and poultry. Small, medium, and large chickens, laying hens, ducks, geese, pigs, fish, cattle, sheep, dogs, cats, and other animals are among the several types for which they are utilized. The quality is dependable and long-lasting; labor-saving, appropriate for big Batch immunization; appropriate for large, medium, and small animals; appropriate for the majority of liquids and suspensions; can be used and operated in various climatic conditions; is simple to disassemble and repair.

  • Size: Copper round knurled hub(8mm&9mm)
  • Description: Copper Hub,SS 304 needles,Tri-bevelled,Re-usable use
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    There are many other types of injection techniques, but the three that are most frequently used in clinical practice are intramuscular, intravenous, and subcutaneous injection.

    This device is adaptable and trustworthy for a variety of medical applications.To ensure optimal performance and patient comfort, these needles are carefully designed and constructed.

    These needles are produced in accordance with rigorous quality standards. The needle tip's sharpness is precisely adjusted to reduce discomfort and tissue damage, resulting in a more relaxing procedure for the animal. The copper construction is also rust-resistant, extending the needle's lifespan and lowering the possibility of contamination while in use.

    SDSN12 Copper  Round Knurled Hub Needles (1)
    SDSN12 Copper  Round Knurled Hub Needles (2)

     These needles can also be utilized with a variety of syringes and medical equipment that is frequently used in the medical industry. Their versatility and effectiveness are further increased by this compatibility, which guarantees their easy incorporation into current medical workflows.

    In conclusion, our veterinarian brass base round knurled pins provide a distinctive range of benefits, including a dependable knurled seat for precise control, different sizes for a number of applications, high-quality production, and compatibility with current medical equipment. These needles give healthcare workers a dependable and adaptable instrument that can enhance surgical accuracy, animal comfort, and final results.

    Package:12 pieces per dozen

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