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SDSN15 Intravenous Injection IV.SET

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The IV.SET is a collection of goods specifically made for injecting animals; it includes stainless steel needles and rubber tubing with brass connectors that have been chrome-plated.  High-quality latex and copper are used in the construction of IV.SET, which is chrome-plated for further durability. Latex is a soft, resilient material that won’t irritate animal skin and can make injections more comfortable. Injections are more convenient thanks to latex’s strong elasticity and flexibility, which may also continuously adjust to the animal’s actions. Additionally, the latex material efficiently stops drug leaking and guarantees the security of the injection procedure.

  • Color: Yellow/White
  • Size: Tube ID 4.5mm,OD 8mm,Length 122mm
  • Material: Latex holder and tube,brass with chrome plated connection
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    Second, the connecting component is constructed from premium copper and is chrome-plated. The connector's service life is increased by the chrome-plated treatment, which gives it high corrosion resistance and makes it difficult for it to rust or break.  IV.SET is made to offer a simple and secure injection procedure. The ergonomic form of the rubber syringe makes it simple to handle and manipulate, improving the stability and comfort of the injection procedure. The connections are made to offer a solid connection that prevents leakage between the medication delivery system and the syringe. In this method, unneeded drug waste and ineffective injection outcomes can be prevented. Aside from that

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    IV.SET is distinguished by its simplicity in maintenance and cleaning. This set is simple to clean and sterilize thanks to the latex's softness and the copper's resistance to corrosion. Syringes and connectors can be kept sterile and secure by simply being thoroughly cleaned with warm water and the proper detergent by users. Additionally, latex and copper materials' resilience to oxidation and longevity lessen the need for product maintenance and replacement, saving customers' time and money. The IV.SET is a top-notch collection of animal injection items that is made of latex and copper and chrome-plated to improve both performance and attractiveness.

    In addition to having good injection effect, pleasant use, safety, and dependability, this set of items is also simple to clean and maintain. Animal owners and veterinary experts may both rely on IV.SET for efficient animal injections.

    Package:Each piece with transparent plastic box,100 pieces with export carton.

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