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SDAL64 Cow and sheep vaginal dilator

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A specially designed instrument to facilitate vaginal examination and assessment during the estrous cycle of cattle and sheep. This high-quality dilator features a rounded tip that prioritizes protection of the delicate lining of the cervix. Cattle and sheep estrous vagina inspection method is to use the vaginal dilator to open the vagina, carefully evaluate the parameters.

  • Name: Cow and sheep vaginal dilator
  • Size: cow-32*19cm-9cm opening -530g         sheep-17*14cm-5.5cm opening-180g
  • Material: carbon steel
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    By using this dilator, key indicators such as vaginal mucosa color, smoothness, mucus volume, and cervical os size can be observed and analyzed. In the early stage of estrus, the mucus is relatively rare and thin, and the traction ability is weak. Using two fingers, pull out the mucus with a dilator, which can be broken 3-4 times. Additionally, mild swelling and hyperemia of the external genitalia may be observed, while overt signs of heat in cows may not be apparent. As the estrous cycle progresses and reaches its peak, mucus production increases significantly. The slime becomes transparent, has air bubbles, and exhibits a strong ability to draw. With the dilator, the mucus can be pulled several times with two fingers, and then the mucus will break up, usually after 6-7 pulls. Also, at this stage, the external genitalia of cattle or sheep may appear engorged and swollen, while the vaginal walls become moist and shiny. At the end of estrus, the amount of mucus decreases and it becomes more cloudy and gelatinous in appearance. The swelling of the external genitalia begins to subside, causing slight wrinkles. In addition, the color of the mucous membranes turns pink and white, indicating that the estrous cycle is coming to an end.

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     The rounded tip of this vaginal dilator is especially important as it ensures protection of the lining of the cervix during the exam. Its smooth surface and gentle contours help prevent any potential injury or discomfort to the animal. In conclusion, the cattle and sheep vaginal dilator is a powerful and safe instrument for performing vaginal examinations to assess the estrous cycle of cattle and sheep. Its round head design gives priority to protecting the fragile inner wall of the cervix, ensuring a careful and safe examination process. Using this dilator, veterinary and livestock professionals can efficiently assess vital indicators such as color, smoothness, mucus volume and size of the cervical opening. Invest in this indispensable tool to enhance cattle and sheep reproductive management and promote best breeding practices in farming operations.

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