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SDAL34 Re-breather cow breathing tool

Short Description:

Re breathing cow breathing tool is a breathing tool designed specifically for cows, designed to help them breathe again. Cows may encounter some breathing problems during production, and this breathing tool is designed to provide first aid and assisted breathing functions to ensure the health and happiness of cows. This breathing tool adopts advanced design and materials to provide optimal breathing support.

  • Size: 435*158mm
  • Weight: 1.1KG 
  • Material: Aluminum alloy/Plastic steel
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    After the birth of a calf, the ventilator is impaired or there is no breathing and only a heartbeat. Often caused by narrow birth canal during delivery, excessive fetal size or incorrect fetal position, and delayed delivery assistance. It is also seen in cases of inverted birth where the umbilical cord is compressed, weakening or stopping placental blood circulation, leading to premature breathing of the fetus, resulting in aspiration of amniotic fluid, asphyxia, mild asphyxia, weak and uneven breathing of calves, panting with the mouth open, tongue detached from the corner of the mouth, full of amniotic fluid and mucus in the nose, weak pulse, wet rale in the lung auscultation, weakness in the whole body, and visible purple mucous membrane, My heart beats fast. Some calves, after birth, have their noses pressed against the ground or a wall corner, unable to breathe and causing asphyxia. Mild asphyxia occurs, with weak and uneven breathing, open their mouths to gasp, and their mouths and noses filled with amniotic fluid and mucus, resulting in weak pulses. On auscultation of the lungs, there is a moist rale, with weak body, fast heartbeat, no breathing, no reflexes, visible mucosal pallor, and only a weak heartbeat. The calf breathing pump can prevent dysfunction after birth, assist in calf breathing, stand up, and reduce the birth mortality rate of calves.

    1: Transparent cylinder design allows for observation of internal piston movement, made of PC material, sturdy and easy to use.

    2: Aluminum alloy cylinder design, sturdy and wear-resistant, internally coated with lubricating oil, resistant to wear after repeated stretching, and long service life.

    3: Stainless steel pull rod, sturdy and durable, increasing service life

    4: Anti aging piston, strong frost resistance, no deformation at low temperature, unchanged hardness, and can be used normally.

    5: Star shaped handle, palm pressure, comfortable and labor-saving when pulling.

    6: Silicone material breathing mouth, soft, with good resilience, not easy to damage the cow's mouth, and good compression and suction tightness.

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    1: The method to extract mucus from the mouth and nasal cavity of a calf: 1. Place the lower breathing bowl on the cow's mouth and nose. 2. Pull the handle up to remove the mucus. 3. Press the handle down to retain the mucus

    2: The method to help difficult birth calves breathe quickly: 1. Pull the handle upwards with force until it touches the piston.

    3: Place it on the calves' mouth and nose and press the handle downwards with force

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