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SDAL20 Pig Holder Castrating Device

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The bloodless castration forceps is an innovative and advanced instrument in the veterinary field, designed to castrate male livestock without incisions or direct damage to the testicles. The instrument utilizes the huge shearing force of the forceps blade to forcibly cut off the spermatic cord, blood vessels, ligaments and other tissues of the animal through the scrotum, thereby realizing bloodless surgery.

  • Size: Overall length 37cm /Overall length 52cm 
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    Castration of male livestock is a common practice with several benefits such as controlling reproduction, improving meat quality and preventing aggression. Castration traditionally involves making an incision in the scrotum and manually removing the testicles. However, bloodless castration forceps revolutionized this procedure by providing a more effective and less invasive method. The tweezers have a strong and durable design to ensure maximum effectiveness during castration. In order to achieve the desired result, a lot of force is required. Therefore, an auxiliary lever device is incorporated in the instrument to amplify the force applied to the blade. This ingenious design allows the forceps to deliver the necessary impact force needed to break the spermatic cord and surrounding tissue, ensuring thorough and effective castration. A major advantage of this bloodless castration technique is the prevention of excessive blood loss. The blood supply to the testicle is cut off through the spermatic cord, and the testicle gradually dies and shrivels without continuous blood flow. This not only reduces bleeding during the procedure, but also minimizes postoperative bleeding, allowing the animal to recover more quickly and comfortably. In addition, bloodless castration forceps can improve safety and reduce the risk of infection compared with traditional castration techniques. 


    Since no incisions need to be made on the scrotum, the chances of contamination and subsequent infection are greatly reduced. This ensures a safer and more hygienic castration process, promoting better overall animal welfare. In conclusion, bloodless castration clamps represent a groundbreaking advance in veterinary science for the castration of male livestock. With its innovative design, the instrument can achieve castration without direct damage to the testicle or without incisions. By utilizing the shearing force of the forceps blades combined with an auxiliary lever device, the forceps provide the strength needed to effectively cut the spermatic cord and surrounding tissue. This technique has the advantages of reduced bleeding, increased safety and reduced risk of infection, ultimately improving the health of castrated animals..

    Package: Each piece with one poly bag,8 pieces with export carton.

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