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SDAL19 Different models pig protectors

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Wire rope with a PVC coating is a useful and effective tool for keeping animals safe from harm. Especially playing a vital role in pig farming, the steel wires used in piglet restraints are specially designed for a strong and durable construction. Its diameter has been carefully chosen to ensure that it provides sufficient strength to securely hold the piglet while also allowing free movement.

  • Type: S-head /T-head/plastic holder
  • Material: stainless steel pipe or plastic
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    The PVC coating on the rope acts as an extra layer of protection against any potential harm or injury to the animal. One of the main applications of piglet restraints is epidemic prevention. During a disease outbreak, it is critical to separate infected or potentially infected piglets from healthy piglets to prevent disease spread. Locking piglet restraints provide a safe and secure space for storing individual piglets for isolation and monitoring. This helps control and contain the spread of infectious diseases and safeguard the health of the entire herd. In addition, piglet restraints with locks can also be used for drug injections. Having a controlled and stable environment is essential when administering drugs or vaccines to piglets. The holder not only restricts the piglet's movement to ensure its safety during injection, but also allows easy access to the injection site. This simplifies tasks for farmers and veterinarians, increases animal and operator efficiency and reduces stress.  . In conclusion, piglet restraints with locks are a valuable asset for the pig industry. It can not only protect animals from harm, but also be used as a tool for epidemic prevention and drug injection. Its strong and durable construction combined with PVC coating ensures the safety and health of piglets. By providing a controlled and safe environment, these stents aid in disease control, facilitate effective medication administration, and help improve overall productivity on the pig farm.

    Package: Each piece with one poly bag,20 pieces with export carton

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