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SDWB28 Long strip farm sheep feeding trough

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The sheep trough is an extended trough specially designed for sheep, providing a convenient and efficient feeding solution. It’s designed to be convenient for your flock while being durable and easy to clean. The tank is made of high-quality plastic, ensuring its durability and stability. The plastic material is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and can withstand the influence of indoor and outdoor environments on the material box. Not only that, but the smooth surface of the plastic material reduces friction and the potential for injury to the flock.

  • Size: 100×30×17cm
  • Weight:  1.47kg
  • Material: plastic
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    Sheep troughs are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different farms or flocks. Whether it is a small or large farm, we can customize the right size according to the needs of customers. Doing this maximizes the use of space and ensures that the flock gets enough feed to maintain healthy growth. In addition, the elongated shape of the sheep trough can accommodate a large amount of feed to meet the feeding needs of the flock. This design also prevents scrambling and competition among the flock, ensuring that each sheep can eat safely without injury or malnutrition. The sheep trough also has an adjustable height design to suit sheep of different sizes. This design allows the flock to eat comfortably and avoids the inconvenience of the feeder being too high or too low. In addition to being well designed, sheep troughs are very easy to clean and maintain.

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    The smooth surface of the plastic material can not only reduce the adhesion of feed residues, but also prevent the growth of bacteria. Simply rinse with clean water to completely remove feed residue and keep the trough hygienic and clean. The sheep trough is a plastic trough that provides a convenient and efficient feeding solution for sheep. Its durability, easy cleaning and height-adjustable design make it ideal for farmers. Whether it is a small farm or a large farm, sheep troughs can meet the needs of different sizes and feeding. Choosing a sheep trough can provide a better feeding environment for the flock and ensure the healthy growth of the flock.

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