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SDWB25 Large capacity pig feeding trough

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The pig trough is a high-quality feed trough specially designed for pigs, made of PP and stainless steel materials. This feed trough has smooth edges for durability and is one piece for superior quality and functionality. Firstly, this pig feeder trough is made of PP material, ensuring its surface is smooth without sharp or rough edges. Such a design can effectively prevent pigs from being injured or scratch their skin, and provide a safe and comfortable feeding environment. At the same time, the PP material also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, which ensures that the trough can be used stably for a long time in various environments. Secondly, the use of stainless steel makes this pig trough wear-resistant and durable.

  • Size: 37×38cm,deep 25cm         44×37cm,deep 22cm
  • Material: PP+Stainless steel 
  • Feature: smooth edge/wear resistant and  durable/integrated molding
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    The stainless steel material has excellent strength and wear resistance, can withstand violent chewing and kicking by pigs, and is not easily damaged or deformed. This ensures a long lifespan of the feed trough, reducing the frequency of replacement and repairs, bringing convenience and cost savings to farmers. Best of all, this pig trough is one-piece for seamless joints and sturdy construction. The one-piece molding technology can ensure the sealing and stability of the trough and prevent the loss or waste of feed. 

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    At the same time, the seamless connection design also effectively prevents the penetration of harmful substances such as bacteria and mold, ensuring the hygiene and quality of the feed. In addition, the pig trough has some special designs, such as the non-slip bottom, which can prevent the trough from sliding under the push and impact of the pig, and keep it stable. Pig trough is a high quality pig trough. Its smooth edges, wear-resistant and durable features, and one-piece design ensure that pigs can obtain feed safely and comfortably, ensuring the quality and hygiene of the feed. The feed trough is not only durable and reliable, but also easy to clean and operate, making it ideal for pig farmers. Whether it is individual farming or large-scale farming, pig troughs can meet the needs and provide convenience and efficiency for the breeding process.

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