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SDWB17-3 Green plastic chicken feeder with/without leg

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Plastic Chicken Feeder Bucket is a uniquely designed feed container made of high quality polypropylene (PP) material. Available with or without feet, this product is designed to meet the various needs of chicken keeping. The design of this plastic chicken feeding bucket makes feed storage and distribution more convenient. First of all, its moderate capacity can accommodate a large amount of chicken feed, reducing the number of frequent feed additions.

  • Material: PP
  • Capacity: 2KG/4KG/8KG/12KG
  • Description: Easy operation and save water/food.
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    Secondly, this feeding bucket is equipped with a unique automatic feeding mechanism, by making full use of the principle of gravity, it can ensure that the feed is always kept at a certain level, and the chicken can only get the feed through a specific channel, which reduces the waste and scattering of feed . In addition, the product offers two options: with feet and without feet. For farms that need to fix the feed bucket in a specific position, the design with feet can provide more stable support and prevent the feed bucket from being pushed over by the chickens. For farmers who need to move the feeding bucket, they can choose the design without feet for easier handling and placement. The choice of plastic material has several advantages. First of all, polypropylene (PP) material has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and can withstand various environmental conditions and feed. Secondly, the PP material has high strength and durability, ensuring a long service life of the product. In addition, the PP material is non-toxic and easy to clean, which ensures the hygiene and quality of the feed. 

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    To sum up, this plastic chicken feeding bucket is a fully functional feed container for chicken farms. It provides high-capacity storage and distribution of feed, while its unique automatic feeding mechanism and optional stand design make the waste and scattering of feed effectively controlled. Made of weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean polypropylene (PP) material, which ensures the quality and durability of the product. Whether fixed in place or easily transported, this product provides chicken farmers with a convenient and efficient feeding solution.
    Package:Barrel body and chassis are packed separately.

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