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SDWB17-2 plastic chicken feeder

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The plastic chicken feeder is a unique feeding equipment with the advantages of being hangable, easy to operate and saving food. The following is a detailed description of the benefits of this product: Firstly, the plastic chicken feeder has a hangable design, which means it can be conveniently hung on poultry cages, railings or other supports. By hanging, the feeder can be positioned off the ground, allowing the birds easy access to the feed and keeping it clean.

  • Material: PE/PP
  • Capacity: 2KG、3KG、5KG、6KG、8KG...
  • Description: Easy operation and save Food
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    In addition, the suspension design can effectively avoid poultry stepping on the feed during artificial feeding and reduce feed waste. Secondly, the plastic chicken feeder is easy to operate. It adopts a simple structure and an easy-to-grasp use design, making it easy for users to operate. The poultry only need to gently peck the feed outlet at the bottom of the feeder, and the feed will be automatically released from the container for the poultry to eat. This simple and intuitive operation is ideal for those who keep poultry, especially those without specialized knowledge or experience. Besides that, the plastic chicken feeder also saves food. It is well designed to reduce waste and oversupply of feed. Feed will only be released when it is at the outlet at the bottom of the poultry pecker, and the released amount is an appropriate amount, which can effectively avoid excessive waste and accumulation of feed. For the breeder, this means saving on feed costs and keeping the feed fresh and hygienic. In addition, the plastic chicken feeder is made of plastic material, which has excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

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    This allows the feeder to be used outdoors for extended periods of time without damage from harsh weather and everyday use. This durability ensures a long life for the feeder, providing the breeder with long-lasting use. To sum up, the plastic chicken feeder has the advantages of being hangable, easy to operate and saving food. It not only provides a convenient and efficient feeding tool for breeders, but also can effectively reduce food waste and improve feed utilization. It is a very practical and recommended feeding equipment for those who raise poultry.
    Package:Barrel body and chassis are packed separately.

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