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SDWB33 Piglet feeding trough

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Piglet feeding troughs are an important tool for efficient and effective feeding of piglets. This specially designed tank is usually made of a durable material such as plastic or steel.

  • Material : PP
  • Size: 55×16.5×13cm
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    Its production capacity ensures sufficient feed supply for piglets, enabling healthy growth and development of piglets. Feed troughs are specially designed to optimize the piglets' access to feed. It can be securely attached to the side or bottom of the enclosure, ensuring stability and easy handling. The troughs are designed taking into account the size and needs of the piglets. It is shallow and has a low edge, allowing piglets to easily reach and eat feed without any stress. One of the main purposes of a piglet manger is to minimize waste. Troughs have dividers or compartments to ensure that the feed is evenly distributed and less likely to spill or scatter due to piglet movement. This feature helps to save feed and prevent unnecessary expenses, thus improving cost efficiency. In addition, the piglet manger keeps the feed clean and hygienic. It is designed to prevent impurities such as dirt or manure from contaminating the feed. The troughs are made of easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant materials that provide a durable, hygienic breeding environment. Piglet feeding troughs, in addition to providing an efficient feeding experience, promote piglet autonomy and the development of feeding skills. As they grow, the trough can be adjusted and placed at a height appropriate to their growing size, ensuring a smooth transition from liquid to solid feed. This adjustable feature encourages independent feeding and enhances piglet self-reliance. The piglet feeding trough is not only beneficial to the growth of piglets, but also beneficial to the overall management of the pig farm. By using troughs, the feed does not come into contact with the ground, reducing the risk of contamination and waste. It facilitates proper feeding management and enables accurate monitoring of feed intake, allowing farmers to easily adjust feeding methods to meet the nutritional needs of pigs.


    The piglet trough is an indispensable tool in the pig industry. Its design focuses on providing a convenient, hygienic and cost-effective feeding solution for piglets. Feed troughs contribute to the overall success and efficiency of a pig farm by minimizing feed waste, promoting cleanliness and supporting the growth and development of piglets.

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