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SD03 Single Window Continuous Mouse Catcher

Short Description:

The Single Window Continuous Mousetrap is an innovative and highly efficient device designed to catch mice in a single window without causing harm to the rodent. With its advanced technology and humanized design, this mousetrap provides a humane and effective solution to deal with mouse infestation.

  • Material: Galvanized iron
  • Size: 26×14×6cm
  • Weight: 560g
  • Color: silvery
  • Package: 20pcs/CTN,54×33×33cm,12.2KG
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    The equipment is compact and lightweight, easy to operate and transport. It features a sleek, modern design that blends seamlessly with any home or office decor. The single window continuous mousetrap is made of durable and environmentally friendly materials, ensuring its longevity and sustainability. The operation of the mousetrap is simple and straightforward. By placing a single-window serial mousetrap near the affected area, mice are lured inside through a small opening. Once inside, the device traps the rat in a safe, spacious room, preventing it from escaping. Unlike traditional mousetraps, single window serial mousetraps do not rely on harmful and potentially dangerous methods to eliminate the problem. There are no springs, wires or poisons involved, so it's very safe to use around children and pets. Plus, the device creates no mess as there are no dead mice to dispose of. Due to its continuous operation feature, the single window continuous mousetrap can be left unattended for long periods of time. The device has a large capacity and can catch multiple mice at a time. A transparent window allows the user to monitor the number of mice captured and check if any intervention is required. When it comes to maintenance, the Single Window Continuous Mousetrap is designed with user convenience in mind. The device has a removable chamber for easy cleaning. single-window serial mousetraps are an effective and humane solution to rodent infestation. Its compact design, ease of use and safe operation make it ideal for both residential and commercial environments. With this innovative device, you can say goodbye to traditional mouse traps and choose a more effective and ethical method of rodent control.


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