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SDSN02 C type Continuous Injector

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C-type continuous syringe is an innovative product specially designed for veterinary injections. It has two volumes of 1ml or 2ml to choose from, and uses a Luer interface, making the product more convenient and easy to use. First, the Type C continuous syringe has precise volume selection. During use, veterinarians can choose the appropriate volume according to the needs of different animals to ensure the accuracy and safety of injected drugs.

  • Color:  1ml/2ml
  • Material: Brass raw with chrome plated, glass barrel Ruhr-lock adaptor
  • Description: 0.1-1.0ml or 0.1-2.0ml continuous and adjustable,Suitable for small-dosage injector  
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    Whether it is a small animal or a large animal, the C-type continuous syringe can meet the injection needs of different kinds of animals. Secondly, the C-type continuous syringe adopts an advanced Luer interface design. This design allows the syringe to be more securely connected to the needle, preventing leakage or loosening. The luer interface can also ensure the smooth injection of the liquid medicine, improving the efficiency and accuracy of injection. In addition, the C-type continuous syringe also has a user-friendly design. It adopts ergonomic design, which is comfortable to hold and easy to operate. The outer shell of the syringe is made of non-slip material, which has a good grip and is not easy to slip even when it is wet. This allows veterinarians to operate with greater stability and precision during injections.

    SDSN02  C type Continuous Injector (2)
    SDSN02  C type Continuous Injector (1)

    In addition, C-type continuous syringes are also of reliable quality. It is manufactured with high quality materials for durability and long lifespan. The syringe is not easy to be damaged during use, and is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the injection process. In conclusion, the C-type continuous syringe is a comprehensive, easy-to-operate, safe and reliable veterinary injection equipment. Its capacity selection, luer interface, ergonomic design and selection of high-quality materials enable veterinarians to perform animal injection operations more conveniently, efficiently and accurately when using this product.
    Packing:Each piece with middle box,50 pieces with export carton

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